Saturday, May 05, 2012


I believe I now have a final draft of my short story "Jail Birds," written in the first person. The opening paragraph is below:

The guard brought me to a tiny room with a small wooden table and two chairs. He opened the door, showed me the button to push if I needed help and told me to take a chair. The guard then walked toward the county jail’s cells to retrieve an itinerant young man, accused of murdering a boy, 14-years-old. The charges alleged that the accused man killed the boy, strangled him, after he keyed a scratch on the man’s car door. I was there because he requested a jail minister. This was during a time I volunteered to do prison ministry. Now, years later,  I find myself musing about his situation and others I encountered in this work. Especially those that involved homicides. I’m also writing this as a way of thinking back on things. It seems appropriate now. ...

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