Friday, June 30, 2017


Decided to keep an eye on the high intensity 3PLUS2 running program from FIRST in "Run Less, Run Faster." Three days of run types, two of cross training. I don't feel I'm ready for it at this time, though. 
 I think I'm more fit to do the RW beginner 10 week half marathon training plan, maybe adapting in a higher intensity workout from the 3PLUS2 now and then. Yet keeping in mind "feel" training, with a plan to catch me when I'm slacking off. 
Continuing confusion on how to proceed when #RunningAgainAtAge80.
FIRST is the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Reflecting, I've been influenced in my running goals by others I know, how I matter in a club context, and as well in a competitive one. Too many cooks, I think. I'm losing the joy in the feel of it. Help helps, for sure. But ultimately only I see the star that guides. Plus how my age may limit me. Okay. 

Working now to boost running cadence from 165 steps per minute to widely recommended 180 spm. Ran slow 3.28 miles in hollow at that cadence, hard to do now, yet did it. Happy underused fast-twitch muscles. Other metrics: 46:05;14:03;124;.64;187^. 
Also, I like how this four-day a week running plan sounds: Speed, tempo, long run, easy, with "feel" the measure. More about quality than volume training. I'd gear it to the next upcoming race, the Scenic City Scorcher 2-miler, with others I might do in mind. 

So, cadence boost and quality runs, limited to four days a week. I can test this. #RunningAgainAtAge80 

Friday, June 23, 2017


6/23/17- Been training and running for a year and a month now since back at it after a 30-year hiatus and know I haven't "hit my stride" yet. Took a couple of years three decades ago and in college. 
More rain and storms soaking the day. Segmented sleep again overnight. Unsure if I should run today, or rest and add another recovery day after last weekend's 10K. 
Reality: My 80 year old body confuses me. Do I need another recovery day, or is it mental? Hungry a lot too. 
Maybe an intermittent strength workout is the tonic. Push-ups: planks with leg lifts; curls to overhead presses and under-armpit curls with dumbbells; and squats with dumbbells. On and off during the day, satisfying my ADD, too. See how that works out. 


Thursday, June 22, 2017


After the CSMO Riverbend Run 10K race in Chattanooga TN. This, with the 5K and mile fun run, were great events, so well organized and conducted. Third place medal, 70 and older age group. Loved being part of it! #RunningAgainAtAge80 #runningandredemption #chattanoogarunning #workingonit

Training plans for my #RunningAgainAtAge80 don't seem to be doing it. In college, we runners had to feel our way (our tweedy coach, who visited strip joints etc on road trips, wasn't systematic). And when running in the mid-1980s, I had no system either, yet performed well in races in both periods. Recovery was an issue, too, as it is now. So. It's doing it by feel once again, working in good menu ideas from others. Today's menu: a recovery day. #ADDRunner #workingonit #runningandredemption

This one is the next one. I wonder if there are enough of those ancient fast-twitch long-sprint muscles left (smile)... #RunningAgainAtAge80 #nomoslomo

Keepin on ...!