Friday, June 23, 2017


6/23/17- Been training and running for a year and a month now since back at it after a 30-year hiatus and know I haven't "hit my stride" yet. Took a couple of years three decades ago and in college. 
More rain and storms soaking the day. Segmented sleep again overnight. Unsure if I should run today, or rest and add another recovery day after last weekend's 10K. 
Reality: My 80 year old body confuses me. Do I need another recovery day, or is it mental? Hungry a lot too. 
Maybe an intermittent strength workout is the tonic. Push-ups: planks with leg lifts; curls to overhead presses and under-armpit curls with dumbbells; and squats with dumbbells. On and off during the day, satisfying my ADD, too. See how that works out. 


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