Monday, February 06, 2017


Continuing my Running Again at /age 80 log since back at running after a 30 year hiatus

January Running 2017

1/1/17- new week, new year, entering my eighth month of running since back at after three decades. Rainy and cool 40-degree morning. How to run? See how the day goes. Progress last year was a lot slower than I anticipated #RunningAgainAtAge80 but understandable. Probably will limit me to road, trail and track runs 10K and under. A few
early goals: go under 40 min in 5K, under 10 min in a mile, run 20 miles a week, smooth and strengthen form.
So, to start off the year: no run. I'm finding that after three straight days running, I'm feeling especially worn and weary that way; like I need a rest day. I'm heeding that for now, also to avoid potential injury.
One thing: I'm going to need: more fartleks and speed endurance intervals in the mix.

1/2/17- no run, rainy and raw out. Decent cross-training interval workout, duration 36:04; 11:37 on treadmill for .73 miles in 3 reps. 3 reps too of 10 squat jumps, I minute planks with 10 second leg lifts, high-knee stepping and toe skipping, chest presses and lateral curls to almost failure on the Total Gym. Okay.
Wired, bed at 8, awaken at 9 - now 11, or so.

1/3/17 - Did sleep. Rainy morning, could workout in afternoon outside re forecast. Adjusted down max HR from 174 to 164, an estimate based on HRs over weeks, hoping to more accurately set zones. Resting is at 54, quite accurate.
Ran a somewhat easy 3.3 miles in the hollow, except for a little push in the last half mile. Duration 44:29. Pace 13:27. HR avg 126. Cadence avg 166. So tmsftw 4.03. Slow gain. Training time over 5K, 41:46, faster than any 5K race last year by 2+ minutes (52:08; 46:23; 43:59) and 10 minutes better than the first one, when I started out.

1/4/17- yet cautious about the impact of running long training mileage on my 80-year-old frame. Cooler day. Turning cold by weekend, possible snow.
Okay. Set up my road race menu for the first 5 months of 2017 ... #RunningAgainAtAge80 - things to point toward - 3/4; 5/7; 5/29

Ran a somewhat easy 2.21 miles in holler focusing on stride strength. Duration 29:07. HR avg 123 bpm. Pace 13:10. Cadence avg 162. Msftw 6.24. Okay.

1/5/17- colder weather now. Bundling up for runs. Today's run? Maybe figure it out later. Something interesting and self-explanatory. I am bothered by ageism but don't want to read it into everything. Sometimes it's hard. Got to be careful.

Yet to figure out today ... hace frio...
Ran an easy 3.38 hilly miles in the hollow. Duration 51:49. Pace 15:19 max 10:37. HR avg 121. Cadence 160. Msftw 9.62.

1/6/17- Running has been a refuge from the awful comic-book live drama that is brutally pervading the US of A. Even for a short while.
Snow in the Chatt forecast. Not sure about training today yet.
Thinking about a running blog. Then again, maybe not.

Want more mileage this week but body resists today. Still ...
Okay, after 7 months back at it: Running goals for 2017 #RunningAgainAtAge80
First 6 months- sub 10-minute mile; 39 minute 5K; 8K and 10K pending; trail runs (best times training recently based on pace - 5K 41:47; mile 11:14)
Second 6 months- sub 9-minute mile; under 39 minute 5K; other times still pending; maybe a trail race
Ambitious? ... don't know.
So ... 4 straight training days up to today, this will be a rest/recovery one...

1/7/17- I contend with loss of muscle & bone mass from cancer treatment & aging in #RunningAgainAtAge80 unsure of impact. No baseline to gauge from. In the background. Not complaining; woke up thinking about it. Obsessions.
Dusting of snow, temp 19f, up earlier at 2:30 am when I wrote the above, back to bed at 5:30, up again maybe 1-1/2 hours ago. Now pondering how to run today, want to outside, not on treadmill. Eileen painting in our garage studio, heater on. Sunny. Bright. Cold. Power line workers destroyed my trail clearing a 50-foot wide swath of brush and saplings, leaving a big-tire rutted red clay ground cover that could twist an ankle. Don't want to drive anywhere. That leaves the half-mile long hollow's road and side hills.
Ran easy 4.34 miles in unusual 17 degree ChattTN cold #RunningAgainAtAge80 #runchat ignored metrics while running, kept it easy. Duration 1:04:51. HR avg 135 skewed. Pace 14:57 max 10:44. Cadence 164. Getting it done. Miles this week so far 13.96.

1/8/17- Another subfreezing Chattanooga day, though temps will rise tomorrow. Temp doesn't bother me much, only the piling on of warm gear for some reason. Plan a short run today.
Tried the hilly trail now hazardous from huge brush and tree debris power line clearing machines. Ran 1.93 miles slow and careful. Duration 32:41 max 14:38. Pace 16:55. No HR. Cadence 154.
Met week goal of running 15 miles: total 15.89.

1/9/17- Start of new running week. Temps to rise above freezing and later in week to be Springlike. No plan for today; play it by feel.
Pondering starting second year of renewed #RunningAtAge80 with the Southern 6 Trail Race on Feb19. After would be the 5K in the 3-race Chattanooga Erlanger Marathon spectacle March4 and the 5K in 2-race Binghamton Bridge Run May7 when we'd be at our Windsor NY mountain cabin. The Southern 6 would be my first-ever trail race.
Changed HR zones (5) to evenly between 154 max and 48 resting. Device and pairing snafus after run, ID'd problems, won't use Fitbit as backup for HR. Ran moderate feeling 2.21 miles in hollow. Duration 29:58. Pace 13.31. No HR. Cadence avg 164. Legs heavy but worked on stride. Windy, low 40s, sunny. Three straight days running. Would like to make it 4, then rest, recovery.

1/10/17- ‪... Mindfulness + Proprioception = trail running ...
- - - -
( #RunningAgainAtAge80 )‬
Might do that today - up at 3 am. Ei to Atlanta later for an overnight- conference - back tomorrow night. Might also take a recovery day.
Mindfulness- Wherever I run, I'm still where my body is ...
Indeed a recovery day

1/11/17- Rain, warmer, aching, foggy, raw, don't feel like running outside. Now early afternoon wondering if I should take another recovery day. Or maybe a couple of easy treadmill miles.
Did the treadmill. Duration 35:59. 2.17 miles. Slow slow 16:35 pace. HR avg 109 max 121. Cadence avg 160. Incline 6%. What I needed, an easy, somewhat sweaty indoor workout.

1/12/17- reminded of my ADD, APD, global vs linear thinking on FB, posted thoughts from today and exactly a year ago- in a different note here, too - what has it got to,do with running? Ponder that.
Warmer sometime rainy day. I expect to take a jaunt outside.
And did, ran 4.04 moderately easy miles in hollow, hills too. Duration 1:01:04. Pace 15:07, max 11:30. HR 121, max 132. Hills 220ft. Cadence 162. Okay. Msftw 8.45. Whew. Sleepy.

1/13/17- wondering if I should do two days run, one day off, etc. Strictly observed it would mean four runs one week five runs the next two, then back to four runs - could try it - so, today, a break.

1/14/17- some kind of run today. Up at 3:30 am, awoke about 45 minutes earlier. Trying out joint remedy supplement - glucosamine, chondrotin, MSN Earth Fare tablets; looked at runners articles re these, based on research. Very foggy out; severe weather alert. Returning to bed soon. Slept some more.
Ran moderately slow 3.2 miles, labored some. Duration 46:29. Pace avg 14:30 max 10:59. HR avg 120 max 125. Ascent 120 ft on hollow's hills. Cadence avg 166 max 200. Msftw 11.65.

1/15- run undetermined. Maybe something more than 3 miles. Afternoon. Up at 4 am. Actually turned out to be no run.
Recovery seems slow. Might be training harder than I think. Age has me fooled. So I end up with a low 12 miles this week. If my HR zone set up is accurate I've been training primarily in zone 4 this week. Feels slow, but also recovery is, too. Adjusted HR zones to 164 max 48 resting 5 zones.
So ... still feeling it out (which is ongoing).

1/16/17- ran an easy 3.45 miles in the hollow, focusing on what seems natural in my stride. Duration 51:54. HR 119. Pace 15:01. Cadence 164. Ascent 120. Cloudy, 50s, humid. Felt good.

1/17/17- Rainy day, storms in forecast, so not sure what type of run to do yet. Want to note training benefits re workout with this chart from runners connect-

Morning hollow run - 2,23 easy miles, started to focus on longer stride. Duration 31:12; HR 116; pace 14:00; cadence 164. Might try another short run later.
I'm certainly into training scientifically but options for coaching my #RunningAgainAtAge80 self are way too costly.
Second run today, 1.11 moderately intense miles, focusing on stride. Duration 13.55. Pace 12.28 avg, 10:44 max. HR 122 bpm (tempo zone). Cadence avg 162, max 180. Encouraging! Msftw 6.79.

^^^ Ate a large white wheat bun and got hives - wheat protein, exercise implicated, maybe gluten. Exercise induced urticaria and wheat ^^^

1/18/17- Last night's hive attack after earring large sandwich bun - underscores why I can't eat wheat, and how wheat allergens are associated with exercise and hives. Important to distinguish between wheat and gluten hives reactions. Anyway, took an antihistamine last and this morning and carry one or two when I run. These eased the hives. Don't yet know about a workout today.

From a medical article:
"A distinct subset of exercise-induced anaphylaxis is food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA), in which anaphylaxis develops only if physical activity occurs within a few hours after eating a specific food. Neither food intake nor physical activity by itself produces anaphylaxis. [5]
***The foods most commonly implicated in food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis are wheat, shellfish, tomatoes, peanuts, and corn. [6] However, the disorder has been reported with a wide variety of foods, including fruits, seeds, milk, soybean, lettuce, peas, beans, rice, and various meats."
From another medical article -
--"The most common specific food allergen that induces FDEIA is wheat and in particular, ω-gliadin11. Major proteins of wheat flour, gliadins and glutenins, as well as proteins of the albumin/globulin fraction are involved in wheat associated food allergy. Gliadins are significant allergens and different types are involved in the IgE response14."--

So, better to take a training break today ... put up new twitter profile -
Spouse, artist, writer, #RunningAgainAtAge80 after 30-year halt due to exercise-induced hives; once All-American; love to run; activist; PhD.; Cancer survivor.

1/19/17- up at 1:30 am, now 3:30, perusing the internet. Running and family finances and the incoming presidency on my mind, and, Eileen's hopes for us in our years ahead
So a run today. It might be well to log some miles. Though I'd like to run a marathon, right now I'd be better off sticking with middle distances. Body's still got some build-up to do.
Later. Rainy day on and off. Treadmill?
For #RunningAgainAtAge80 I tried a 71 minute 4/2 run-walk on & off treadmill, adapting an interval training fondness -like it

About 2.9 miles. Pace? Unreliable. Msftw 9.69.

1/20/17- How to run this warm afternoon after a 70-minute 4/2 treadmill run/walk workout yesterday, now almost noon.
Well, an easy recovery run - 2.22 miles in the holler. Duration 30:18. HR 121. Pace 13:39 max 11:47. Cadence 164.
Oh yes. Trump was inaugurated today. An unholy mess.
Tweet - Ran 2.22 recovery tempo miles after yesterday's 70 min. 4/2 run/walk treadmill run #RunningAgainAtAge80 Stride sense returning.
Msftw 11.91.

1/21- bleak era for the US with Trump et al. But this is about running.
Up at 2:30 am, now 3:22. Rain due later in the a.m. Expect to run afterward, probably in the hollow. Might try the 4/2 again, run/walk or Run/jog. Or maybe fartleks. Or a semi-hard 5K. Oh, the choices. Or better - to stick to my new plan of 2 days workout, 1 day off, to aid recovery. Also, a tooth crown is hurting, gum area. Checking with the dentist Monday. Abscess? Hope not.
Women's march in D.C. - 500,000 estimated- amazing turnout in resistance against Trump et al. Then, countless numbers more around the world.

1/22/17- From the Chattanooga Track Club awards banquet last night - 2nd place, Runner of the Year Award -- but ... only two of us and I ran in the necessary races to qualify, to my surprise.

Now, today and running. Raining all day, forecast, so expect to do treadmill and maybe strength work inside to cap off the week.
A rain break before t-storms hits this area. Took advantage to run 2.24 miles, moderate/easy. Duration 29:56. Pace 13:21 tempo. HR 124 Lower zone 4. Cadence166. Worked on stronger stride. Might do more on the treadmill later. Msftw 14.15. Followed that a couple of hours later with an easy mile treadmill run, slow 19:18 pace, HR 104. cadence 162. Miles for week - 15.15. Duration for week - 03:36:15

1/23/17- Nasty rain spray and 20mph winds outside- not going to run in that. Something then on the treadmill. So ... a duration 4/2 treadmill on/off run. Total duration 54:08, tread 36:17. Tread miles 2.16, total est 2.91. HR105 zone3. Cadence low 148. Pace estimate slow 15:50. Overall feel during, moderately easy. Including duration and miles in weekly count now.

1/24/17- Pre-dawn morning, chill returns to Chattanooga TN, got warm gear, another day to be #RunningAgainAtAge80 - yes, later today, but yes...

So, third running day in a row, second this week. Moderately easy mainly hilly 2.11 mile tempo run in the hollow, which slowed pace but worked on strength. Duration 30:09. Pace 14:18, max 10:37. HR 122. Cadence 168, max 194. Msftw 5.02. Dsftw 01:24:01. Upper body strength tomorrow?

1/25/17- Don't want to but should give legs a break today. Upper body strength and core workout intervals would help. Could lightly jog indoors between. Cold weather returning to Chatt tomorrow.
Twitter notes - "Hit a running plateau? Do heal raises & squats. “Resistance will stimulate muscle growth that transfers,” said BA trainer Diego Martinez." - "The best way to warm up for your run is to work your feet. This activates muscles all the way up… - Eric Orton"
Ah, been neglecting UB strength work. So, 25 minutes push-ups (pathetic), dumbbell curls to OH presses (10lbs), dumbbell underarm curls, 1-minute planks w/ 30 second alternating leg lifts - (3sets each). Maybe more later. Dsftw 01:49:01.

1/26/17- cold snap next several days ... glad of warm gear. Up at 3:30 am. Napped a little later. Some kind of run today, like to do a longer one, probably in the hollow. So, ended up with a 3.21 mile moderate feeling tempo run with hills. Duration 46:29. Pace 14:28. HR 126 zone 4. Cadence 166. So-so about it. Msftw 8.24. Dsftw 2:35:18.

1/27/17- Another day to arise around 3 am. Temps in 30s, hace frío afuera. Ran 4.38 tempo miles in hollow, windy, working cadence 174, duration 1:03:24. HR 127 avg. Pace a slow 14:29. Mantra keep it easy, rapid, serene. Felt good. Msftw 12.62 dsftw 3:38:42.

1/28/17- Up at 4 am. News blues re presidency. Totally absurd and malignant. Okay. Running. Shorter run today. Stride's too short when cadence is increased. Maybe spurts to address that.
No spurts - cautious. Ran 2.21 moderate tempo miles, hollow, working stride. Duration 29:28. Pace 13:24. HR 134 (erratic H7). Cadence 164.
Msftw 14.83. Dsftw 4:08:10.

1/29/17- up again early a.m., then back to sleep later. Undecided about a run. Should take a break after three running days in a row, actually seven days if three other running days and a cress-training day are considered. So, I want to increase my weekly mileage. Now at about 15. Next goal 20. Running 6 days, what could a breakdown look like. 5-3-2-3-4-3-rest, say, working up to 6-mile day. Could have two runs a day in there, too. Then up to a 7-mile day for now. Needed for improvement, but increase should be gradual - the 10% rule.

1/30/17- awoke at 12:30 am, up at 1:30. Ate a fat gluten free pancake, coffee to settle my sense of outrage over the Trump administration cruel and egomaniacal actions. Need sleep to run, to grow in strength and endurance. Determined.
Going to try the Scorsche Rhythm+ HR monitor again, had returned the previous, but have an idea of what I may have been doing that made the readings erratic (loose arm band, for one). Arrives in two days. Also. I'm still unhappy with my stride mechanics. Tried heel striking, but it doesn't feel quite right. Last week tried the shorter stride, more rapid cadence, that felt smoother though clocked slower. Today learned I need to lift knees more as leg moves forward, something I used to do in college and in the mid '80s. Quicker cadence then. I jump around.
Mid afternoon run? Maybe an easy 3 miles, short stride, quicker cadence, softer and smoother.. Six 3s this week would get me 18.
So, ran a moderately easy 3.16 miles, tempo level. Duration 44:19. Pace 14:00. HR about 125. Cadence 174. Added a little campaigning with it.

1/31/17- Another 3+ mile run today? Warmer temps. Hip flexors sore, maybe from pushing cadence. Decided on a treadmill run/walk. Polar has it at 2.24 miles. Duration 31:37. No HR, didn't wear chest strap. Pace 14:07, questionable. Cadence running 184, what I worked on. I also worked on what in my form might have put more stress on my right gluteus minimus, could be some sideways moves now and then. Msftw 5.4 dsftw 1:15:56.

2/1/17- awake at about 2:39 am, up at 3:30, usual segmented sleep pattern. Expect to try a Greenway Farm run later.
First 5K 2017 goal -39 minute run #RunningAgainAtAge80 -30 years ago, in my 50s, ran sub 20 minutes, then had to stop.

Tale of the trek. Ran somewhat easy 4.08 miles at Greenway Farm, beautiful day for it. Did trip on.a root again and fall, smack, on the trail. Gotta learn to pick up my feet. Duration 59:20. HR about 127 (Scorsche, new). Pace 14:32, slow, fall. Cadence 168. Msftw 9.48 Dsftw 2:14:16.


Continuing my Running Again at Age 80 log since back at it after 30 year hiatus

December Running 2016

12/1- 7th month of my return to running after 30 years away #RunningAtAge80 -a few races, 2 injuries, slow coming. Intrigued. Can I ace it again? With cancer treatment loss of bone and muscle mass, don't know. But ...
Ran easy-feeling 3.05 miles at Greenway Farm park, needed location change. Fell and injured rib cage here last time. Duration 42:45. Pace 13:59, max 12:14. HR chest strap a problem again. Ordered a Scorsch Rhythm+ HR sensor to try that. The Greenway route:

4.8 miles, low, this week so far.

12/2- Been reviewing logs - systematic and early unsystematic ones - thinking maybe about a running blog. I don't know. Little interest in an 80-year-old runner's progress, starting all over again. Some kind of short run this afternoon. Day has been focused on running research. Obsession? Feels important to do all this.
Thinking bouncy longer strides take a toll on me. Thus stride smooth springy and strong. Focusing on hip rotation and thrust (mantra something like 'hip hip push push).
So, staying true to the mile (at least) a day #RWRunStreak, did 1.03 miles on treadmill, 16:17, slow cadence, working on swiveling and thrusting hips, speeding up 'mill gradually. Chi. 6.1 miles so far this week. Low.

12/3- Up at 1:30 a.m., segmented sleep persists lately, 3-1/2 hours in bed. Other things, and running. Have to approach hip action cautiously, muscle groups not so much use to the demand. Later today to figure out workout. No local races upcoming soon, except for the trail ones and one overpriced. Had thought about half marathon training for March race but unsure body can handle the long training runs right now, nor my motivation. Might stick to a top limit of 10K for racing next year. So for now: A lull? Build more foundation slowly with no races for awhile?
Thus, Easy run 2.96 miles on powerline trail, working on hip region action. Duration 47:52; pace 16:10; HR shakychest strap avg 138; cadence 152. Wanted easy run, did it. 9.06 miles this week so far. Going to be a low one. Scorche Rhythm+ HR sensor came in mail. Try that out tomorrow.

12/4- heavy rain now, 6 a.m., raining all day. Likely workout on the ancient treadmill. We need the rain. ... No run on treadmill so far, late afternoon, gloomy and rainy and cold outside. Turning into a day to take a break.

12/5- Taking time to ease off & recuperate from my 1st running season in 30 years - 6 months toward #RunningAtAge80 Some progress-Time to reflect. Got some raw speed. Need stamina, form improvement

12/6- rain and drizzle, now afternoon. Day 3 of recuperation and I'm getting antsy. Watched Ei's brief video of a segment of the last k of the 8K race I ran. Informative. Right foot splays out a bit. I'm shuffling not running. Little rearward leg thrust. Whole hip action needs work. Balance? Might pass on workout today, too, part of recuperating.
Sun breaks through overcast. Tempted to run. No, rest.

12/7- Wes, make a plan for winter. For running? Yes. Hmm. Okay, here it is ...
Winter running goals plan: 3 days outdoor runs, 2 days cross-train; maybe treadmill day -all stress form & strength building #RunningAtAge80
Adjustments permitted.
Keeping fun in mind.
-Continue research. Include art.
Read that for each day after long layoff, it takes 2 to recoup. Me, 30 years off, back 6 months: 59.75 years to go 👀 #RunningAtAge80.
-- Ran easyish 3.2 miles in hollow, 46:08 duration; 14:23 pace; 160 avg cadence; HR inaccurate. Felt good.

12/8- I like to run back and forth on this short .5-mile trail near our home, becoming a convert to trail running, even though I fell and hurt ribs on another trail. So, I've been wavering about a 6.7 mile no frills "fun" but somewhat tough trail race next week on lower Lookout Mountain, no prizes except those contributed by other participants. Last-minute decision, I guess. #RunningAtAge80
Bought trail running shoes, Saucony Peregrine 6, and tried them out on power lime trail - 2.07 miles, easyish 16.14 pace, duration 33:39, HR ??; cadence 166. I like the shoes so far. 5.27 miles thus far this week. Low low, easing up.

12/9- Cross training today, intervals. Three on treadmill .6 miles, about 10 minutes. Chest presses and lateral curls, 3 sets, on Total,Gym, to failure. Three of high kick walks, of squats, form walks, two of planks 60 seconds, with alternate leg lifts of 10 seconds each. Stretches before and after. Duration 35:04, HR avg 108 bpm. Mileage this week so far, 5.87.

12/10- Ran 2.29 miles on powerline trail, labored a bit, duration 33:25, pace 14:36, cadence 164, HR avg 155 ?? just below red zone if that's calculated correctly. Short stride, form watched, rearward leg thrust lightly attended - a change in my form. Okay. 9.6 mtwsf.

12/11- may not run or cross train today. Thinking it wise to take a rest day. Took a break.

12/12- Raining at 5:30 a.m., likely clearing by afternoon. Won't trail run with mud, something on the hollow road maybe. Still wavering about Saturday morning 6.7 mile trail race. If it was today I'd pass it up.
But did run 2.2 somewhat easy feeling miles in the hollow, ran for feel and form, 13:40 avg pace, 30:06 duration. HR ??; cadence avg 164/82. What I needed today.

12/13- up at 3:30 a.m., possible rain in forecast. Feel I need to put longer miles in workouts but cautious about overdoing it, thinking about age and sturdiness. My weekly mileage is too low for race gains. Still competitive #RunninAtAge80 and why not.
Not up to a rain run, mid afternoon now. Might just continue a rest and recuperation period. Day is becoming just that.

12/14- post-lunch, sun out now, mid40s temp, digest and run in a couple of hours, again a light one? Trail is muddy and soggy, not there. So, the hollow road, if ... or maybe the treadmill.
Decided on treadmill, easy somewhat though felt labored; 2.02 miles it indicated; 36:37 duration; HR ??; cadence avg 80/160, though I stepped it up last several minutes. Got me through a running funk. Weary of running in the hollow, nearby trail mucky. Tomorrow maybe Greenway. Miss the cabin and our NY environs even though it's cold and snowy now.
Don't feel like being the oldest runner and last finisher in this weekend's 6.7 mile trail race #RunningAtAge80 -new to trails, I'd be too cautious. Need some seasoning. Skipping it.

12/15- How do running/training communities regard those who are age 80 & above? Novelties? Contenders? People to reach? #RunningAgainAtAge80 #legitimacy #donthandicapus
With no races coming up soon, I'm going vary training approaches more spontaneously for a bit. Figure things out more leisurely. No workout, rest day.

12/16- Feels like I'm slacking off. Likely will run in the cold. Greenway Farm routes? The Chattanooga Y short indoor track? Treadmill?
Better to say: Easing isn't easy after 1st "racing" season since back running after decades #RunningAgainAtAge80 Fitness gains were slow & hard. Rejuvenation plan helps-Need to stick to it for a few weeks.
So, 2.03 miles on treadmill, easy for most part, Spotify cadence 165/170; HR sensor seems way high, trying a different arm position for sensor; duration about 38 minutes. Sped up some near end.

12/17- I love now being part of two inclusive and proactive humanitarian running communities - one where we live, with its core the Chattanooga Track Club; the other in our hometown upstate NY Binghamton area, its core the Triple Cities Runners Club. Sweet sweet and inspiring.
No workout today -- enjoying the break -- rainy, cold, tempted, but Christmas things to do.

12/18- May skip another workout. Really light week. And so I did. Low low 6.25 miles this week.

12/19- New running week, one to gradually increase mileage. Want to mark this day also as voting day for the presidential electoral college. Very disturbed about the outlook.
Also, out of bed at 2 a.m., segmented sleep becoming a norm. I'll pick up some more sleep during the day. Aim to get a decent run in as well. Good to consider running's gains these past almost 7 months since I've been back at it: (as research indicates) increased skeletal-muscular strength, growth and neurophysiological economy; improved immune system and sense of well-being; improved cognitive capability and self-discipline. Lots of pluses. #RunningAgainAtAge80 - Oh right, orneriness too.
Okay -- high HR inaccuracies with Scorsche Rhythm + research ( I got inaccuracies with a chest device and another wrist sensor, too) - due either to arm placement and/or it is picking up the running cadence- couple more tests today, also HR readings while running noted before with the Scorsche are questionable. Decided to return it and work with an outdated Polar chest strap monitor. Maybe update that.
Workout-- ran 2.0 miles on treadmill; duration 36 minutes; pace 18:00; HR avg 117 max 127 (chest strap readings more like what I'm detecting with finger-wrist checks); cadence 175. Easy start for week.

12/20- Out of bed at 3 a.m., we retired at 8:30 last night. I'm okay with it. I'll nap. Want to run outside today, maybe on the Greenway Farm paths. See how I goes.
Long interview again for longevity study on Medicare use but got a run on at Greenway Farm paths -- 3.13 miles; duration 44:35; HR avg 140 max 193??; pace 14:14 max 11:56; cadence avg 168 max 198. Labored for the legs, not for the wind.

12/21- First day of winter, temp 27f in Chattanooga at 4:30 a.m., might get up to 50. Want to do a run today but will see how it goes.
Slept 2-1/2 more hours, still sleepy this afternoon after out and about. Body talk. May not run. And didn't.

12/22- Another segmented sleep night, to bed at 9 pm, up at 2 am, now 3. After the second segment, plan to run, maybe do art, be useful. Napped. Then ... Against angst and resistance and internal whining, I ran easily for 3.2 miles; duration 48:43; pace 15:14; cadence 170; HR ?? On our hollow's roads and inclines. 8.33 miles this week so far. Gradual rise.

12/23- up early again, busy morning with Ei, nap on tap, run questionable. Feeling drained, a cold? Age? Still need recuperating? No run today. Want to, though.

12/24- Christmas eve and first candle on a Menorah.
Been getting vertigo last couple of days. Normally I take a low dose of prescribed lisinopril for borderline high blood pressure, but three readings now 125/65 HR 57, so wondering whether there's a link between my running conditioning , the normal reading without the medication, and the medication and vertigo. Supposed to rain, temps up into the 60s, may or may not run. Didn't. Napped. Christmas Eve service. Hearty meal.

12/25- Christmas-- with Ei--special day!
Tuning in to RE: running economy. Ran 2 21 miles, moderate to easy, with short fartleks. Duration 28:33. Pace 12:56, max 10:24. HR avg 121 bpm. Cadence avg 170. Short but decent.
First goal for new year - break 40 min in 5K. And break 10 min for mile. Mileage for week: 10.54. Gradually stepping it up for likely first 2017 5K on 3/4, Erlanger 150 5K.

12/26- warm day, rain in forecast. Eight hours sleep, nice, drowsy. Run? Want to. See how it goes. Or a mix of treadmill and strength work.
Ran easy on moist powerline trail, 33:56 duration; distance 2.11 miles; pace 16:03; HR avg 124; cadence 160. Touch of hives, big wheat roll at lunch. Knew it could happen. Limits.

12/27- A big difficulty with #RunningAgainAtAge80 is figuring how to gauge and space different training regimens and recovery, or training economy. I have to extrapolate and test sports science research and coaching guides aimed at younger runners, plus discern where I'm at, back at it again after decades.
So, decided to let the road guide me. Ran an easy 4.12 miles in the hollow, couple of decent inclines near the end. Pretty much a heel-striker, like Meb Keflezighi the Olympian and ancient wonder Ed Whitlock. Good company. Duration 1:00:53. Pace 14:47. HR avg 135, most at 124. Cadence 164.

12/28- up at 4:22 a.m. Six hours sleeping or resting. Thinking I want increase weekly distances running to 20 miles. That would have to include longer runs of 6 miles or more. Or an average of 4 if I ran five days a week. Maybe I'm ready for it. So far 6.23 miles this week.
Napped. Not sure if I should run 4 days in a row. I want to push it, but need to be cautious about recovery. Age 80 reminder. Maybe a little body weight strength work. Need breaks running roads and trails. And, definitely, the strength work. But not today, body says. Take a break. Listen to the body.

12/29- checking BP with/without Lisinopril, yesterday and today. Without-131/66; with 121/65 - HR 58. Better to use the Lisinopril, even though I think it might be linked to some vertigo I've been experiencing. Systolic at low end of HBP; diastolic fine.
Do want to run some today, likely a slower one.
So, ran 2.22 moderately easy miles, focusing on form, particularly stride and body position. Duration 29:01. Pace 13:03, max 10:30. Cadence 166. HR with spikes and dropouts about 130. Felt good, eased worries about hives and overtraining. 8.45 miles twsf....M-Su

12/30- high 30s to low 40s temps today. Coolest for running for me yet. Got gear to weather it. Used to run in snow and ice up north. Some type of run today.
Ran 3.39 moderately easy miles in the hollow, HR 122; Duration 49:36; pace 14:39; cadence 164 - focus on form. Finally, an HR consistent readout without dropouts and spikes

Msftw 11.84.

12/31- New Year's Eve -- opted for a light and easy treadmill run, about a 5% slope. Duration 38:48; pace 18:00; HR avg 116; 2.3 miles. Week's mileage 14.14. That's it for 2016, the part I ran.


Continuing my Running Again at Age 80 log, now back at running after 30 year hiatus

November Running 2016

11/1- new month, Tuesday. Run today? Need long runs, need speed work. Always a little weary & leery. #RunningAgainAtAge80 - Old body talking. Early voting and bill pay day. Bone and muscle weary. Did not run. Tried out the foot slant board for two minutes. Got permission from a local nearby high school athletic director to run on the outdoor track when it's not in use.
Nice to step out door & run in the hollow but in a rut. #RunningATAge80 -Got OK from nearby high school athletic director to use outdoor track & will make use of Greenway Farm trails. Needed change of scenes.

11/2- up at 4 a.m., restless sleep plus dream.
CRASH! #RunningAtAge80 -Tripped on a park-trail root while running and slammed my right shoulder, arm and leg on hard drought-packed dirt, rock and roots. Lay still hurting a moment, catching breath, wrist bleeding. Got up. Nothing broken. Jogged a half-mile to van, cleaned up a little at rest room, got home, patched up some. This will set my aching age 80 body down a few days. Damn! I'm a mess.
Dream overnight, was in a road race, and as I moved to pass a younger, bigger man, he hooked my arm to prevent me. I tried to free my arm and told him to let go. He wouldn't. Woke me up.
Did manage to record that I ran about 3 miles, run and jog, 2.42 up to point I fell. For the run, duration 35:16. Pace 14:33, max 11:47. HR avg about 118. Up down 160'/180'.

11/3- Right rib cage to sternum hurts, shoulder too from yesterday's crunching fall, but can walk and jog on treadmill. Want to keep some increment conditioning going so will see how that goes today.
Well, jogged easy 49 minutes on treadmill, 2.55 miles, till it died (What!). Felt okay, cautious. HR avg 92 max 104. Cadence avg 73:146. Listened to Leonard Cohen and K.D. Lang "It's a holy and a broken hallelujah."
#DayAfterHardFall Jogged easy easy 49 minutes on old treadmill till it died (What!). Felt pretty good. Listened to Leonard Cohen, K.D. Lang: "It's a holy and a broken hallelujah." #RunninAgainAtAge80 RIP treadmill.

11/4- Day 3 after trail run fall - right side ribs, shoulder hurt, but can jog, work range of motion. Had studied physiology, kinesiology, anatomy. Knowledge helps. Cautiously keeping on. #RunningAgainAtAge80 -Reminded of 8 cracked ribs from 40-vehicle crash years ago.
But. Seriously aggravated rib area carrying groceries. Painful. Ibuprofen, Icy Hot. Decided to try walk along powerline trail. Did 2.11 miles, 500/400 up down, vigorously. Helped. So, a little workout.

11/5- No question I cracked/bruised two ribs in trail run fall, recalling past cracked ribs pain. No treatment except rest, limited activity. Bounce from #RunningAgainAtAge80 won't help. Walked 2 brisk miles yesterday. Still aim to do 8K race Thanksgiving.
Walked 2.06 miles today along hilly power line trail, trying to maintain some conditioning, over ridge down to field northward. Four half-mile out-and-back laps. Duration 49:36.

11/6- Up at 2:30 a.m., EST now, still the rib pain of course, shoulder aching some too from trail run fall. Wondering whether I'll be ready for Thanksgiving 8K. Declined to run in 4 races I registered for since started running again 5-1/2 months ago, felt it was too much for this old bod. Now this injury. According to age-related computation based on performance 30 years ago, I could be much faster. If so, it's going to take some time to get there. #RunningAgainAtAge80 Even with this, it feels oddly good to be back at it again. The soul of it.
No workout. Took a break.

11/7- again, up around 2. Worked out. Also had root canal dental work. Pain from fall still there but mixed cross training with a treadmill jog. Cross-trading duration 20:35, mix of stairs, squats, step machine, knee raise walking. HR avg 88 max 100. Treadmill duration 25:09, easy jog about a mile. HR avg 102, max 114. Trying not to lose conditioning.

11/8- Slow hilly trail jog to see if fall-injured rib area etc will let me train. Did 3.16 miles. No pain. OK! -- #RunningAgainAge80 - How slow? 1:11:21 duration. HR avg 104 bpm. Satisfied but still cautious.

11/9- post presidential Election Day break.

11/10- Decided to try to train for a marathon #RunningAgainAge80 -would be 2nd, ran NYC in mid'80s -might work off @HalHigdon plan.
Tested my injuries via a somewhat easy 3.15 miles run on hollow streets, duration 49:15, pace 15:37. Focused on cadence, which averaged 172 strides a minute (generally recommended is 180). Mild reminders of rib wounds but okay.

11/11- okay, ran 3.2 miles in the hilly hollow focusing on cadence and breathing - cadence average was 86/172. Duration 48:59. Pace 15:19. HR zone between 118 and 168 re Fitbit, did not wear and do not like chest strap, doesn't work reliably, especially with my skinny and bony build. Run felt more moderate than easy, i.e. labored.
Miles this week so far, 10.51, with injured ribs etc. Keeping on.

11/12- Decided not to train today. Need recovery and healing. Cadence focus is right for now. Injury hampers strength work I can do. Try again tomorrow, a busy day. Need volume but need, too, to recognize the right approach for me. Switching the start of a training week to Monday instead of Sunday, seems more apt.

11/14- awake at 2 a.m. and up. Atmosphere in SE TN filled with wildfire smoke, drought driven. Wise to run? Short, easy 23 minute indoor treadmill run late yesterday, rib cage area still sore. Tried Mio Link HR reader, gave a reading far far above those from chest strap and Fitbit. Contacted support for advice. Outdoor run today? Dentist at 2. Between fall's injury and smoke training caution, I wonder about losing hard-wrought conditioning for this old bod. And then there's the presidential election result. The hatefulness unleashed.
Another easy treadmill run, a mile, HR around 110. Thought I'd do second treadmill bout but didn't.

11/15- Runners are cautious about TN wildfire smoke as @runchattanooga and @chattanoogatrackclub and #CHAmarathon noted canceled training runs.
Pondering the run today, now 9:30 am. Too smoky outside yet? Treadmill. Sore ribs and intensity?
Three miler on treadmill. Duration slow 55:12, concentrating on form and cadence. Pace then, 18:24.HR average 120. Cadence avg 160. Felt good.

11/16- still smoky, friend's house threatened by wildfire. Offered storage space if needed. Perplexed about running outside, research mixed, seems unwise. Might consider this a rest day. Can't really do volume, speed work with rib injuries, rest might ease strain there too. Don't care to be "grounded."
By sunset, air seems a lot clearer. Firefighter work stemming danger to friend's off-grid home. Could be good for a run tomorrow. Only about 5 miles this week, on treadmill. About 11-1/2 last week. Fall injury impact.

11/17- outside again, air clear enough. Ran 3.01 miles on power line trail, cautiously slow mostly, stepping lightly. Duration 55:57. Pace avg 18:34. Cadence avg 77/154. Steep hills made it demanding. So far 8 miles this week, low due to air quality and rib injuries.

11/18- Should I run or taper? Thinking abour injured rib area and where to run, how to taper, including rest. Though slow, yesterday's trail run was demanding due to steep hill segments. Feeling it today. Don't care to drive anywhere, so it's in the hollow or on the powerline trail...
So, ran a moderate bumpy 2.04 hilly miles on the power line trail, duration 32:22, average pace 15:50, cadence 85/170, increased all this cautiously. HR sensor had me consistent at two very divergent levels, highest and moderate, need to find the sweet spot for the reading from my arm. Nice run, keeping rib area injuries and soreness in mind. About 10 miles so far this week. Low.

11/19- seem to be heading for a rest day. Concerned about losing conditioning but need to keep my age, recovery, and healing in mind. So I rested from running.

11/20- Another rest day, though unexpected. The way the Sunday went and I felt. Low mileage week.

11/21- Turkey Trot 8K Thursday so I'll taper run today and tomorrow and rest Wednesday. Cold mornings, I'm spoiled by long hot and warm seasons here in Chatt, but have gear for the colder temps. New phase in this return to running. Finding progress slow and that I need to be more cautious about training intensity: age. The 8K is a new distance for me. See how it goes. Might do 2 miles and a few moderate short sprints today. Signed up for a 6.7 mile trail race in December. That could be it for 2016 racing.
So, easy pace 2.37 mile powerline trail run with four 30-yard sprints at the end. Duration 39.07; avg pace 16:32; HR avg 123 bpm; avg cadence 168/84.

11/22- up early, as usual, a fatal Chattanooga school bus crash in the news, feeling for parents, injured children and relatives. Expect to take an easy tapering run today and then tomorrow off before Thursday's 8K Turkey Trot.
Did the easy run - 20:33 minutes on treadmill, HR avg 113 bpm, 1.12 miles - really easy, get things circulating. Cadence 83/166, okay, 170 my aim now.

11/23- light limbering prep training for tomorrow's 8K Turkey Trot. So, 25 15-20 second uphill repeats on backyard steep incline, walking down, .55 miles, duration 17:14. Following research recommendations to do a little to energize before the race. 4.44 miles this week so far, light tapering. Feeling the twinges.

11/24- Turkey Trot 8K in a couple of hours. Run my run, run my race. I'm still working at doing this, enjoying the feeling of accomplishing. The goal is to accomplish. To do it.
So I did. From Polar M400 - Duration 1;10:17, 5.04 miles. Pace avg 13:56, max 10:04. HR avg 129, peak 149. Cadence avg 84/168, max 97/194. Stride choppy and short. From race data - 1:10:09 duration; 14:07 pace; 676 of 690 runners, 13 of 15 in 65 and over group. Where I'm at right now.

11/25- looking at the six months I've been at it so far. Improvements, sure. Good ones. Some needs: increase stride length at current cadence, so stress it, ways to do that; increase training run volume; do stride exercises; keep at the hills, trails; think about a half marathon in March. Comfort zone re balancing frequency, intensity, duration.
Shook yesterday's 8K race out a little with 20 minutes of thigh lifting walking repeats on backyard steep incline, slow stride work, .42 miles.
10.3 miles so far this week.
Wauhatchie Trail Race in three weeks - 6.7 hilly gnarly miles. Figure on being slow and cautious in that one.

11/26- Feels like I need a rest day. What does wisdom say?
Wisdom says take a walk. Did, on steep backyard incline, stride repeats on 45 yard stretch, 1.07 miles, duration 40:57, working on higher forward knee action and the strength the hill repeats offer, keeping in mind recovery from Thanksgiving's 8K. So that's 11.37 miles this week, low volume.

11/27- up at 3:30, 6-1/2 hours sleep, wired and tired. Will feel out day re running. Want to, but recovering from 8K race.
So ... no workout, somewhat active, but nothing really strenuous. Day off to saunter about but do things.

11/28- My early morning arisings are becoming routine- up at 2:30 am. Mind and emotions. Segmented sleep phenomenon. Coffee, settles me. Plan on running some today. Would it be wise to do the 6.7 mile trail in three weeks that I registered for? Maybe as a training and fun run. Not be hung up on performance.
So, power line trail short recovery run, opening stride, thinking about back of it. Two devices measuring. Fitbit HR: 1.25 miles by stride; 14:03 pace; HR avg 141; duration 17:35. Polar M400: duration 17:14; 1.2 miles GPS; 14:18 pace; no HR synced; 152 cadence. Used lighter Nike running shoes instead Nike Zooms. Best pace on trail.
Thought I needed cadence emphasis first, but now feel it should be stride, cadence coming with speed and stride strength.
HR 141 is in 131-157 estimated aerobic threshold range, 157-174 estimated anaerobic range.

11/29- Thinking about lactate clearance and running. Also recovery yet from last Thursday's 8K. And about HR zones re training and racing. Ground soaked from last night's storm, badly needed rain, so might run on the road. Or something else. Got post-race/training letdown -6 months at it since decades #RunningAtAge80 -strength/endurance slow coming; but yes to speed.
So, cross training workout mixing treadmill, stairs, planks, toe and knee walking, 1 set of presses and lateral curls on Total Gym, etc. Duration 33:43; Fitbit HR avg 109, max 147, Polar HR avg 103 max 130 (chest strap), pattern record similar, avg bottom of zone 2 max bottom zone 3 in Polar. Maybe .8 miles. Stairs up 200 ft. OK. Did something.

11/30- Tornado bearing storm all night, wasn't going to train,o but read about Runner's World challenge #RWRunStreak - a mile a day (or more, of course) over the holidays. Storm still about area, so to treadmill. Since it could be easy, I complied. Ancient treadmill said 1.0 miles. Fitbit 19:15 pace/durarion, HR avg 128, 1.17 miles re stride. Recorded on Polar too, 19:16 duration. No HR chest strap, Fitbit measure likely a bit high. It's something.
Not certain, but I'm inclined not to run in any more races this year and will skip the Wauhatchie Trail Race.


Continuing my Running Again at Age 80 log since back it running after 30 hiatus.

October Running 2016

10/1- skipped training, drove from cabin 5 hours to MA kin's house, watched WPI football game, rain and cold, team Ei's son Chris head coaches, with grandkids and Kristin, team won 24-14.

10/2- treadmill run, slower aerobic pace, duration 1:40:43, pace 17:08, 5.88 miles. HR avg 111, peak 128. Longest duration and miles this time around. At MA relatives house. Misty, breezy cold rain outside so I opted for their treadmill. Family of young and older athletes.

10/3- Recovery slow run at the cabin after yesterday's one hour-forty minute treadmill workout; 2.21 miles; 35:36 duration; 16:04 avg pace 13:25 max; HR 124 avg - okay.

10/4- No run, visits with friends in Ithaca and Windsor.

10/5- Somewhat easy 3.27 mile cabin road run, 52:05 duration. Pace avg 15:55, max 12:05. HR avg 123, peak 134. Ascent-descent 220 ft. Hilly. Polar RI 42 elite. Load reasonable 11h. Eighty of the 80/20.

10/6- short 1.07 mile run with four 30 second surges, felt weary but worked it, duration 15:21; avg pace 14:17, max 8:33; HR avg 144, peak 183; ascent/descent on cabin road 140 ft; 12.43 miles so far this week, working up to 15.

10/7- not sure about a run yet today, watching HR action, caffeine, fatigue affects... Ahh. No problem, reached 15 miles a week goal with fairly easy 3.35 cabin hill run, 55:03 duration. Mile pace 16:25, max 11:56. HR average 127 hbpm. Ascent/descent 460 ft. Spikes in HR from affect of bouncy running style jarring chest HR reader - smoothed running style smoothed the HR recording. Total miles this week, 15.78.

10/10- No run, training last two days, road trip from NY cabin to Chattanooga house. Dentist this morning, maybe an afternoon run. So it was.
#RunningatAge80 -- In Chatt again after 2-day travel trek, resumed running in our hollow's grades and hills, moderately easy 3.27 miles, shaking out the kinks and weariness from the long drive from upstate NY, okay.
Duration 51:08. Pace 15:40 max 11:56. HR avg 124 peak 134. Ascent/descent 120 ft.

10/11- Slow and somewhat labored 3.07 hollow run; duration 50:35; pace 16:29 max 13:25; HR avg 121 peak 126; ascent/descent 140 ft. Good one, though. Working on adding weekly miles. Slept about 5-1/2 interrupted hours last night, laptop fixing, double checking bills and such, up at 2:30'am.

10/12- another 5 hour night of sleep, other concerns, not running, but impacting training probably. See how I feel after a nap.
So. A recovery slow 1.12 mile trail run on power line cut followed by a recovery strength session. Run duration 20:36; pace 18:20; HR avg 111. Strength workout: three sets of: Total Gym incline presses, lateral curls, squats; high knee heel lift walks; 60-second alternate leg lit planks. Duration 25;05; HR avg 96 bpm. Total running miles midweek: 7.46.

10/13- rest day research shows mixed offerings. So I'll have to figure it out, physiological measurements formal and informal, and how I'm feeling. And my own laid back procrastination tendency.
MILESTONE- ran 6.16 miles, longest since I stopped 30 years ago #RunningatAge80 - slow slow pace along hollow's hills and grades, breathing good, strength fades, seeing if I have it in me yet for a 10K race next week (6.2 miles). Next few days will help me know. Some arrhythmia.
Duration 1:53:23: pace avg 18:23 max 10:51; HR avg 117 early wide swings; ascent/descent 620' 549'; distance 6.16 miles.

10/14- Rest and recoverry day. Maybe a walk to clear away lactic acid, help some healing. Total distance run so far this week: 13.62 miles. Walked inside leisurely and quick for a half hour - maybe that will do 1it. Body needs duration and effort with some ease to bar injury. Definitely slow going.

10/15- up at 3:30 after awake for an hour, 5-1/2 hours in bed. Coffee and oatmeal. Thinking about a running blog. Sleepy.
Finding: The neurophysiology of running, or any activity, is an imprinting that affects the whole system, duration the key.
So, after more sleep ...
Ran an easygoing 3.14 miles, hollow hills and grades, duration 48:32. Pace avg 15:25, max 11:39. HR avg 119, peak 133. Ascent 260', descent 200'. Total miles for week: 16.76. Total duration about 4:50:02, about 17:20 minutes a mile.

10/16- new week, maybe a 10K next Saturday Ran slow to moderate 2.25 miles, duration 32;42. Avg pace 14:39' max 11:14. HR avg 119' max 134. On hollow's graded street, 1/2 mile one direction. Felt decent during and after.

10/17- treadmill run, easy, 40;12 duration; HR 107 avg 120 max; 2.3 miles, slow slow. Couldn't get outside for a run till afternoon 80s heat, not for that today. More to put some time in.

10/18- Tapering for Saturday's 10K. Ran 1.11 miles; duration 15:22 basically moderate shakeout; 13:50 pace, max 11:06 (pace better than two mile races and training miles I've run these days but woefully slow); HR avg 120 max 127. Legs felt heavy. Old man tapering. Maybe.
Running's defining moments for me: 1) high-school dropout to collegiate All-American; 2) middle-aged renewal, winning too, then stopping; 3) 80-year-old picking it up again like an old friend, now in the back of the pack if not last, but experiencing its transformative primal core anew, to run, fly or swim, like other creatures, the physical dance and challenge, and limits to try to overcome. #RunningatAge80
Will run for food.

10/19- last run before the Pie Run hilly 10k Saturday, taking two rest days. Ran 2.28 miles in the hollow, thought about negative splits and consumed a sports gel about 20 minutes before to see if it would bother me; it didn't. Conversational pace. Duration 34.58; pace 15:17 max 12:33; HR 121 avg, 128 max. RI 44. Inclines 120' up 160' down. Satisfied.

10/20- rest day, one of two, in prep for Pie Run 10K Saturday. Might do a little strength and stretching work.
Words I love to hear:
"Humans are well-adapted to run into late middle age," says Daniel Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University who figured prominently in the bestselling book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. In fact, says Lieberman, who has spent part of his career studying pre-industrial cultures, our ancestors appear to have evolved to continue running or hunting well into today's masters years. "Hunter/gatherers who survive childhood often live into their 70s or even 80s and remain very active," he says.
Began reading "The Cool Impossible" by Eric Orton.

10/21- 1st 10K in 30 years tomorrow & since I returned to running 5 months ago #RunningatAge80 - hilly Signal Mt TN Pie Run - new (old) challenge.

10/22- Note to Pie Run 10K race organizers -
"Great run! First 10K after a 30-year layoff. Thanks so much for the pie and bread! - #RunningatAge80 - loved it all, even the hills and my coming in last, and especially how well you put it together."
From my sports watch: Distance 6.33 miles. Duration 1:35:58; pace 15:10, max 11:11; HR avg 134 (spikes - poor contact); cadence avg 81 (162). Good performance for me at this stage. Running is sweet.
Run distance this week: 15.7 miles about.

#RunningatAge80 - 10/23- easy recovery today after yesterday's 10K race, then onward with workouts, easy first, drawing on helpful article and book tips from coaches Eric Orton and Jeff Gaudette, and Runner's World. Glad I had those graduate and undergraduate exercise physiology classes though I need a review - long time ago.
On tapering RW: "Tapering allows muscle glycogen stores to return to peak levels. Metabolic enzymes, antioxidants, and various hormones return to their normal levels; muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues repair and strengthen. Your body is actually very busy during the taper, even though you feel like you are being a couch potato."
On recovery RW:
"A 5K recovery plan would include 3 easy days after the race. My recommendation is to give yourself one day completely off after the race to sleep in and enjoy your accomplishment as a nice reward. This also gives you time to see how you fared and notice any post-race aches or pains. Follow your day off with two easy days. Day 2 and 3 post-race can be cross training at an easy intensity level or short runs done at an easy pace. By Day 4 you should feel able to resume your usual training routine in preparation for the 10K. Likewise, a 10K recovery plan would be one day completely off post-race, followed by 5 easy, low intensity days. If you feel sore or unusually fatigued after the 10K, allow yourself 2 days completely off followed by 5 easy days. Most importantly, learn to listen to your body! If you feel you need additional days off or more easy days, take them."

10/24- somewhat easy recovery after day off yesterday, following the day before's hilly 10K run. Distance 2.21 miles. Pace 14:40 max 11:56. HR avg 120. On hollow's half mile fairly straight road. Felt pretty good though the 10K impact is apparent.

10/25- moderately easy hollow hilly run, 3.17 miles. Duration 48:17. Pace avg 15:12 max 11:39. HR in the 120s. Inclines 480'up 440' down. Cadence avg 79 (158). Getting more air in the stride, focusing on form.

10/26- Running is also my relief, momentary at least, from the vicious hateful violent behavior that pervades among we the people, even ageism, no less, a word that invokes a flow of sarcastic, snide and condescending posts on social media, if you haven't noticed. #RunningAgainAtAge80 -Recovery week from 1st 10k race after 30 year running hiatus. Easy 2.2 miler after a 3+ & 2+ days before. Week goal: 15. Feeling like I'm finding it again.
Distance 2.21 miles. Duration 33:29. HR avg sub 120 bpm. Pace 15:08 max 13:14. Slow. 7.59 miles so far this week.

10/27- feel I need a day off from training, mind and body sense, psychologically a break from the idea of performance in my running. Other things weighing as well. Maybe a little strength workout might happen. Or a nap. Connect the abstract with the grounded.

10/28- Picking it up after 10K race days ago #RunningAgainAtAge80 -ran hilly 3.21 miles -straight road in pic low part, either side up climbs to high ridge. Duration 46:59. Pace avg 14:38 max 11:14. HR avg 125. 260' up down. 10.8 miles so far this week.

10/29- Felt behind and useless and wasn't going to run, but did, a slowish 4.11 miles, duration 1:04:21, focusing on foot plant and knee forward form. Glad I did. Pace 15:40. HR avg 118, max 126. 520/340' up down. 14.91 miles this week. Goal was 15.

Note from RW article:
For instance, early in the season focus on shorter intervals once per week (early in the week) at a higher effort level to develop your form and economy, and run at an easy effort for the other two running workouts during the week. You can still run hills once per week, but do so at an easy to moderate effort level. (Learn how to run hills efficiently here.)
This sets the stage for recovering from two hard workouts per week: the speed workout and the long run. Although the long run is done at an easy effort, it is demanding and requires recovery. As you progress toward the middle of the season, begin to alternate tempo workouts with speed workouts every other week. (Learn how to run a tempo workout here.) As you build toward the final phase of the season, run tempo workouts to prepare for the sustained effort in the marathon. A once per week speed/tempo workout schedule might look like this:
Another RW note:
How do I run a tempo workout?
Start with a walking warmup of 3-5 minutes gradually increasing your breath and heart rate.
Run at an easy effort for 10-15 minutes to continue to warm up. This should be at an effort where you can talk easily (or recite the Pledge).
Run twenty minutes at tempo effort—at a point at which you can no longer talk easily but you're not gasping for air. Hold it there and be mindful of your pace and other variables on the day.
If you are new to this and overwhelmed by the thought of running at this effort level for a full 20 minutes, break it into shorter segments and add 1-2 minutes of walking in between. For instance, running 10 minutes twice with 2-3 minutes in between or for four times at 5 minutes with 1-2 walking or easy jogging minutes in between.
Finish with 10 minutes of easy running and a 3-minute walking cool-down and you're done!
Keep track of the variables (weather, fatigue, energy, stress, date) as well as your pace and how you felt. Running at the right effort will not only allow you to improve faster, you'll be motivated to train consistently!

10/30- Started training week with a mix of indoor intervals. Duration 52:07; HR average 93, peak 112. Four intervals of treadmill totaling 1.2 miles; of total gym incline presses and side curls to max effort; pretty much same with body weight squats; and 60 second alternating leg lift planks. Decent.

10/31- Easy 3.2 mile hollow hilly run, duration 51:36. Pace avg slow 16:06, max 12:06. HR avg 114. Up/down 100'. Wasn't sure I had a run in me. Age makes me cautious.


Continuation of my Running Again at Age 80 log now that I'm back at it after 30 year hiatus

September Running Again at Age 80 log

9/1- decided after all to do a 5k road race, this Saturday no less, use it as a training run to push me a little more. Ran a moderately intense 1.11 mile in the hollow in prep. Duration 14:43, pace 13:16, peak 11:14. HR avg 123, peak135. A loosening up workout for the 5K in two days.

9/2- Rest day from training workouts.

9/3- Ran the FCA 5K, official time 43:59, pace 14:10, two minutes plus faster than last 5K race on 8/6. Slight improvement but not what I'm capable of, I think. Faded in the last 2Ks. Stride length is weak re cadence. Polar M400 had me running 3.18 miles, 13:58 pace, max pace 9:40, HR avg 134bpm, peak 174. Disappointed about the fade and weak stride length. Takes work and time. To try out 80/20 method, slow/fast virtually no moderate runs. See

9/4- Ran a slow mile recovery run after yesterday's 5k race which I completed 2 minutes faster than the last 5K on 8/6 - a little improvement, but, faded during the last 2K. So. Research. Been using a short stride, rapid step cadence style, working out mostly at a moderate pace, one recommendation for aged souls. Switching to another training mode -- The 80/20 -- the 80%, longer slow easy paced runs; the 20%, fast intense shorter and interval runs, skipping entirely the moderate runs. Need more distance and speed and stride length and research shows the 80/20 is effective.
Polar M400 data: 1.12 miles, 17:55 duration, 111 avg bpm HR, 15:15 avg pace, 11:47 peak. Considered mild.

9/7- yesterday rest. Treadmill workout today adapting to the 80 of the 80/20 to start that mode. Also worked some on form, foot plant, stride, breathing. Duration re M400: 55:52; avg HR 109 bpm peak 120. Not enough sleep. Definitely thinking about a nap. But I didn't. Instead, a cross-training 20-minute workout: dumbbell front curls/overhead presses and underarm lateral curls, squats, and form walks, four sets of this routine.

Twitter notes -
#RunningAtAge80 - 3-1/2 months into it, switching to 80/20 training - 80% slow distance runs, 20% intense speed & hill work. Continuing strength work. Rugged.
#RunningAtAge80 -Since back at it after 3 decades cut 5K time by 8 minutes in 3 races/months. Age-related: slow from times then.
#RunningAtAge80 -Did 24 10-second uphill repeats on slope in pic followed 10 intense minutes on treadmill at 10-degrees, HR peaks 108 & 123. 30 minute workout

9/7- Did 24 10-second uphill intervals on backyard slope followed 10 intense minutes on treadmill set at 10-degrees, HR peaks 108 & 123. 30 minute workout.

9/8- #RunningAtAge80 Slow 63 minute power line trail run, mind on breathing, ankles, not pace/cadence. HR 114, total ascent 440 ft. Nice.

9/9- #RunningAtAge80 - Did 25x10-second hill sprints (side pic of slope) then 4 sets of dumbbell curls and presses, squats and planks. Whew. Power workout. Tried a cup of veggie broth and pea protein after, like it as a recovery drink (smile) ...

9/10- On the 80 of the 80/20, slow 4.4 miles; avg HR 122 peak 185; pace 16:40 peak 8:03: duration 1:13:04; total climb 1020ft. From Polar M400.

9/11- light recovery workout, 7 minutes dynamic warmup, mostly plunges front side back-angle, leg swings; 21 minutes X-training: 3 sets - of 3-minute treadmill slow; 15lb dumbbells curls/presses and underarm curls, 45-60 second planks.

9/12- Easy 3.29 miles in hollow, 52:49; avg pace 16:03, max last .5 mile 11:14; HR avg 118 max 154 - 10 minute dynamic warmup before. (Riverbend 5K, my first this time around in June, was 52'08", 16'47" mile pace. Okay.)

9/13- Slow 2.28 mile power line trail run, 39:08; 17:08 avg pace, 13:03 peak. HR avg 115 bpm, peak 126; ascent total 200'. Tippy bumpy somewhat hilly surface.

9/14- Slowish 3.13 mile hollow run w/grades, 48:30 duration; 15:30 pace, 12:14 peak; HR avg 123, peak 132; ascent 160'. Not getting the distance yet in lsd but 5k I might run this weekend limited that. Stride still not there, either. Need speed work.

9/15- Ran quick 1.12 miles in the hollow, 14:34; Not where I want be. Avg pace 13:02; Max 10:59. HR avg 126, Max 134. At mile mark ran 12:23 pace, time 13:03. Leg strength and efficiency the key issue. Need those long miles, long sprints and tempo runs.
Now, there's also this, Polar's Running Index. Mine at the moment is 39, considered "very good" for runners 60-65, no scale for those 80, and which suggests the following race time predictors:

I'm surprised - 5K at Max performance and efficiency, say, would be
33:20, avg pace thus 10:43. Not where I'm at yet. Avg RI over three weeks is 33, roughly predicting 40:00 5K.
Been running/training now for little more than four months since resuming from mid '80s.
About Running Index:
"Running Index score is calculated automatically after every run, based on your heart rate and from the speed data collected via GPS or stride sensor."
--Running and redemption--

#RunningAtAge80 -- Running as redemptive persistence despite "old" age -- (I tell myself)
Been running/training now for little more than four months since I resumed after a decades-long hiatus. Progress is slow. I wither at times.

9/16- easy 23 minutes on treadmill to limber up some before the Raccoon Mountain 5K tomorrow- feeling like I should run it, even for training, leaving expectations and goals aside.

9/17- Sure as hell don't feel like running a road race today - Listen to the body. Skipping this one. #Running atAge80 - might do a little training. Run the way I love to.
9/17 again- #RunningatAge80 - So I skip road race, later do 40x10-second hill sprints up slope in pic, walking down. And it's easy. Perplexed. Ran hard, supposed to be difficult.

9/18- Not sure yet about today, now 8:39 a.m. Might need a total rest day, might not. Raining on and off. Logey.
Okay, late afternoon, "mild" 23:34 cross-training effort, three sets 3-4 minute treadmill thigh-ankle strides: 15 lb dumbbell curl/presses and underarm curls; planks with alternate leg lifts; two sets squats. HR avg 96, peak 118. Felt good.

9/19- Ran slow 4.3 miles, upping distance, leg strength, speed and endurance, all gradually improving. Nice. - 16:18 pace, peak 12:23; HR avg 123, peak 142; 1:09:51 duration; Polar RI 42 (elite-??). Total climb 260 ft. OK.

Note: from RW - "Your body has no comprehension of what a mile is; it only knows how hard it's working and how long it's working. Effort over time. The duration of effort is one of the key factors that arouses the biological signals that induce physiological adaptations that will ultimately lead to improvements in your running performance."

9/20- slow 3.28 miles, thinking of it as adding weekly mileage, adding time running. Duration 52:02; 15:50 pace, peak 13:14. HR avg 119 bpm, peak 13:14. Polar RI 43 elite.

9/21- Tapering slow workouts today & tomorrow, trip to NY cabin Friday, planned 5K there Sunday on way to great-grandson's 1st birthday party! First NY run in three decades, the last time I was an active road racer. Homeland.
SPO2 reading this a.m., 97, HR 50.
Light cross-training workout, 32:09 duration. Three interval sets of treadmill strides, Total Gym presses and lateral curls, planks with alternate leg lifts, squats. HR peak 100, avg 89. Light good for today.

#RunningatAge80 -- For people my age who are newly or renewing running, the available training guidance and science is too varied, contradictory and limited. I'm gleaning, testing & feeling the way, fortunately with a background in research, studies and practice. But if one doesn't have that?

9/22- Running is my refuge. How to explain this. It's in each stride on the road, in the progressions, the weaknesses I try to overcome, the challenge unique to me this older human, the measured health gains, the potential pitfalls, the solo, the "second-wind." It's in the mystery of possibility that depends on the will to do it and to understand how, and what story the limitations tell. It's not the race, it's the performance, the spending of myself. The art. A work-in-progress, interconnected with its environment, the path, the hill, the weather, the fatigue, the air, companions, the freeing clarity, the love I carry with me. #RunningatAge80
--Ran a fairly easy 2.21 miles, 33:17 duration, 14:36 avg pace 11:22 peak. HR avg 123, peak 195 (?). Polar RI 43 (elite). Travel to upstate NY tomorrow and Saturday, maybe a 5K race Sunday.

9/25- After two days driving, at our upstate NY cabin, up early and weary from trip after arrival yesterday afternoon. Not going to run in local 5K I registered for but will do a training light run to stretch out my old legs before we head to great-grandson's birthday party this afternoon. It was here four months ago that I decided to resume running again. Home turf, really.
#RunningatAge80 - Two day drive to NY mountain cabin where I resumed running 4 months ago afters decades layoff. Our sweet future home.
Didn't run after all.

9/26- ran a mile+ on rural hilly road by cabin, got hives and stopped, took a Benadryl, and once again reminded I have take care what I eat before running. Implicated this time was wheat in a roll, the worst for me, and mushrooms. Ran less than two hours after I ate. Bummer. Later walked a mile plus on cleared patch of our 5 acres.

9/27- Ran a sweet 4.51 mile Tuscarora mountain steep hilly run on our NY cabin road, aerobic slower pace, so nice to be here - no hives #RunningatAge80 - love it!
Descent/ascent from cabin in longest lap 490 feet. Duration 1:18:48; avg pace 17:28, right for the 80/20 stage I'm at. Avg HR 118 bpm.

9/28- Ran an easy 2-1/4 hilly mile on the cabin mountain road, a light one after yesterday's 4.5 descent and ascent on the steep slopes this old body navigated. Cool upstate NY weather is a blessing. Really like these hills. #RunningatAge80
Duration 36:27; avg pace 16:09; HR avg 126.

9/29- Recovery and strength training indoors, 28+ minutes; intervals with no rest with 15lb barbells curls/presses and underarm curls; leg lift planks; squats; high knee toe raising walks, dynamic stretches to start. HR avg 86, peak 102.
Important perspective--

9/30- Raining hard, hoped to get 2 or 3 miles in, but it's sloppy out there on the cabin road. Up against my age, increased need for recovery, and the desire to intelligently increase my mileage and speed work. Plus we're making family visits that require hours of travel and one two-day overnight stay. Fitting it in fittingly.


Continuing of of running log now that I'm back at it after 30 year hiatus

August Running At Age 80 Log

8/1- resisted the workout, but ran moderate 2.28 miles in the hollow at 32'32"; 14'17" pace; mile splits 13'34" & 15'05" with last .28 at 13' flat. Seems skewed but I'll note it. Compares with this two days ago (2.2 miles, 32'02", 14'32" pace, mile splits 15'04" & 14'16" ); pace a little quicker. Pointing toward a 5K Saturday.

8/2 my 80th birthday- cross training day, some random exercises, one moderately intense over 30 minutes combining my "threes" - three minutes on the treadmill working on relaxation and cadence, four sets of those; three basement room walking laps working on springiness before and after the treadmill; three exercises on the total Gym, presses, lateral curls, squats, three sets of those. Randoms were lunges and planks.

8/3- so, a hip flexor twinge from yesterday's cross-training workout along with some fatigue is telling this old bod to take a break today, so I will. I think the strain happened on the treadmill, and an Internet search suggests I need an adjustment in body posture as I run - torso over the hips; I tend to lean forward slightly, putting constant strain on the illiopsoas muscle. Upright it is, walking too. Hope it doesn't affect 5K race in three days.

8/4- moderately easy 1.14 mile run in the hollow. Hip flexor held up, no further aggravation. Pace 14'08" - pretty good at this stage. Working on a lighter and smoother running form.

8/5- Rest day before tomorrow's 5K race, first since I turned 80. Did do a 15 minute light indoor walk to loosen up a bit.

8/6- Ran the Chick-fil-A 5k in Chattanooga, 46'23" chip time, 46'26" clock time, 46'30" on Fitbit- So, 14'43" clock pace; Fitbit had distance 3.18 miles, it's pace 14'37"; chip pace is 14'38". Different, but the chip is the official one. Faded at the end, need more volume runs and short sprints and surges. Compares with Riverbend 5K seven weeks ago 52'08", 16'47" mile pace. Improving. Knocked about 5-3/4 minutes off. Still slow though.

8/7- Recovery day, indoor form walk for 20 minutes, a few stretching exercises.

8/8- Moderately easy recovery run, 1.1 mile, 14'40" pace, 16'09" for distance. Stretches afterward. Didn't try to keep 175 bpm cadence. Focused on stride and body form. Took it easy somewhat.

8/10- Dressed to run this morning but felt outside like I shouldn't so didn't instead thinking I really needed a rest day. In afternoon, decided to walk indoors, later adding hall-length very short runs, capping this with a couple of treadmill sprints. 21 minute workout. Yesterday a 30-minute interval cross-training workout, four sets of fast walking 3-minutes with 10 each dumbbell curls/presses and underarm curls and squats. It takes time to improve at this age but body responses seem so slow.

8/11- tried the crazy thing a little - ran 1.58 miles in sunny 88f 90%+ humidity heat along nearby hilly power line trail at less than moderate pace to see how it felt. Not bad, though I stopped when I perceived I should. Did not push it. Time was correspondingly slow, 25:38, 16'10" pace. Also slowed for trail conditions.

8/12- slow paced 3.26 mile hilly morning run in the hollow, working on stride form at slow cadence and strength; very humid, temp 80 and climbing (54:19 16'40"). Later, indoors, cross-training for 27 minutes, the threes upstairs- four sets of ten each 10lb dumbbells curls/overhead presses and underarm curls, of 10 squats; and four 3-minute hallway walks. Good workout day.

8/13- No run. Workout mowing steep backyard grass, vacuuming, stretching exercises.

8/14- *Running tough love* ... Daughter Viv had sent me an article about a woman Olympian runner in her 40s and running physiology as one ages. Inspired, I wrote my thanks and that I love to run and had forgotten that. Well, this morning, I didn't want to run. No love. No way. But I did, a 2.23 mile moderate jaunt. A helpful push from my daughter. I do love it. Time 32:32, pace 14'36".
The article -

8/15- Monday morning, again resistance to running outside, decided to cross-train. So, 43:51 minutes of intervals- dumbbell curls/presses and underarm curls and squats interwoven with 3-minute hallway mixed walks, thigh lift and butt kick stepping, and high-thigh skipping. Good workout with new additions.

8/16- Deciding I need to revise how I thought I'd do road racing, even though I registered, too ambitiously my thinking now, for upcoming 5Ks. This has impacted how I feel about and approach training, especially forcing competitive me to think about (poor) race performance rather than how to best proceed as an 80-year-old feeling out sensible workouts and breaks. So, I'll skip this weekend's race, may or may not do one at the end of the month (both registered $ for), and leave open the option of racing in a registered 5K in mid-September before we head to the cabin. Don't know about a workout today, yet, either. Obsessed.

8/17- *Reality Check* Mixing road and indoor training today though hesitant about pushing it, weariness. Started with an outdoor mile at a moderate pace, as I revise how I train, refocusing more on workout and far less on racing, including skipping 5Ks I've registered for. Have to keep my age in mind, as well as muscle and bone mass I lost from two bouts of prostate cancer treatments since 2002. Working on strength.
Followed run later with a 23:24 minutes cross training workout, three 3-minute treadmill form strides, two at steepest incline, .44 miles, three sets of 15 total gym incline presses and lateral curls, form walking between.
Outdoor run was 1.14 mile, 15:22, 13'33" pace.

8/18- somewhat of a rest day. Walked indoors for an hour keeping form in mind and occasionally doing thigh lists and back kicks. Low impact, less strenuous, and likely needed. It felt good finding a way to keep at it by taking 4,571 steps, according to Fitbit, in a less tense way, to relax and take a walk.

#RunningatAge80 - 8/19- #Refocusing ... Scaling back road racing, including skipping 5K events I've registered for. Ran on the road just twice this past week, mostly cross-trained, working indoors on building strength, running form exercises, and treadmill intervals. One new long term goal is to run a 10K when I'm ready and to build around that and from that. Great viewing the Rio Olympics this week.

8/20- Fairly easy 2.21 mile hollow run, 32:48, 14'52" pace. Keeping it enjoyable as well as vigorous on this new refocused approach. I need more volume runs and will work up to that. Later, 15 minutes of cross-training, four sets of Total Gym presses and lateral curls interspersed with three minute walk intervals. Skipped the Chatt Superhero 5K I registered for.

8/21- Raining and Olympic marathon kept me indoors. Ran on treadmill for an hour, focusing on stride rate of 170 steps a minute, slight incline, not pushing pace. Longest duration on treadmill, and on road this time around. Did a little steep hill walking as well.

8/22- Feel I need to recover from the weekend's workouts. Might do some light cross-training to loosen up. Numinous dream about "placement" on my mind. Also what could be synchronistic "discoveries" along with that, especially an article about a "resurgence of running in the Southern Tier" of NY. Probably will skip Saturday's 5K I registered for, the third pre-registered race I've decided not to run. Did do cross-training, about 30 minutes, four intervals of 5-minute form walks with four sets of dumbbell press/curls, armpit curls, and squats. Like this quote from composer John Luther Adams: "What I crave in life, running, music, and art is direct unmediated experience" (in Runner's World)

8/23- Hill run day, 3.17 moderately hard miles focusing on stride form, not on cadence though, humid, almost 80f, 49:17 duration, 15'33" pace says Fitbit. In the hollow.

8/24- Doctor's appointment this morning, all things from his examination are good, lab results in a few days. Took it easy in the afternoon. Will be checking out a Polar M400 activity watch, to compare it with the Fitbit Charge HR I have - one feature missing on the Fitbit, constant pace readout, something I think I need. Has GPS, too; Fitbit only when synced with the iPhone app. Looking for more precision. At my age? Why not. Maybe I'll become age groups competitive.

8/25- poor sleep, slow start on day, run workout in basement large room, back and forth for 30 minutes - temps outside near 90, humidity high. Hard to calculate distance, with stops, turnarounds and starts, maybe 1.5 miles.

8/26- Moderately cautious hollow run of 2.24 miles, 31:38 time, 14:05 pace, 53 feet elevation, data from MapMyRun app. Also tested Polar M400 activity watch, didn't finish the run timer properly, getting the hang of it and am liking the device vis a vi the Fitbit I've been using- Continuing to pass up races I've registered for, including tomorrow's 5K. Have another in mid September that I might do. No other set plans after that. Want develop a good training regimen.

8/27- two cross-training workouts, one 30 minutes, one 25, recorded now by Polar M400 device - one, six sets of stride exercises intervaled with Total Gym incline presses, lateral curls and squats; the other five sets of stride exercises intervaled with standing squats and dumbbell front curl/presses and underarm curls. Workouts considered mild according to parameters I set. Didn't push heart rate much, but muscles knew it was work.
Roughly 11-12 miles running this past week, duration about 3:10:0 - estimates not including cross-training. High humidity runs outside bother me. Feeling stale.

8/28- indoor workout, 1.5 miles about, easygoing "mild" 27:28 on treadmill, cadence focus.

#RunningAtAge80 - 8/29- Three months now into this return to running after almost three decades away, old body improved, speed also. Endurance taking longer. Recovery, too. Road races show that. Cross-training helps a lot. Form work, as well. Decided to avoid more races till speed, endurance, form and recovery feel more in sync. Keeping it playful, like a dance, like skipping (which is part of a workout). Rhythmatic ... Okay, tested very short hill intervals outside and did two 20-minute cross training sessions combining resistance work and cadence practice indoors.
Unrelated but related. I have a persistent feeling that Eileen and I and our little family will be moving permanently to our cabin soon. No logic to it and don't know how the possibility could happen.

8/30- Morning moderate run 2.92 miles in the hollow, humid, near 80f, 43:06 duration. Avg. pace 14:45, peak 11:22. HR avg 124, peak 130. Ascent 80 ft. Hill and grade. Cadence around 170. Felt somewhat taxing, cautious about pushing the pace. Focused on cadence, form following cadence 😎👀. Extending avg pace to 5K, duration would be 45:52, half minute faster than last 5K race on 8/6. Bit of improvement. But not competitive.
#RunningAtAge80 - ELITE Runner's Oxygen Consumption- Took the Polar Flow VO2 Max test and it estimated a score of 47, defining it as the oxygen use of an *Elite* male runner my age and charted as *Excellent* even for men over age 46 and above average for males 18-26. Hmmm... Still it's an estimate, and I have to get the rest of the body's "running economy" in shape as well.
"VO2 (or oxygen consumption) is a measure of the volume of oxygen that is used by your body to convert the energy from the food you eat into the energy molecules, called adenosine triphosphate ( ATP ), that your body uses at the cellular level."

8/31- I'm nowhere near competitive despite the estimated VO2 Max "elite" score of 47 and wonder if I can be. Progress seems so slow. Muscle strength and fitness is wanting. So, cue to cross training workout. Intervals: four three minute jogs on treadmill, .55 mile; four 30-second planks with alternate leg lifts; on total gym max incline: 4x18 avg chest presses; 4x21 avg lateral curls; 4x21 avg squats. HR rated low intensity - 83 bpm avg, 103 peak; body effort felt more intense.


This is the July 2016 log of Running Again At Age 80

July Running Toward Age 80 -- 7/1 -- back on the hollow's road again, tried a mile moderate run to see how the groin strain felt, didn't feel any pain, wore a neoprene support, shorter stride, quicker 170-steps-a-minute rhythm, not a great time, 14:29 pace, but best so far in this seven weeks of training. Can't push too hard though. Got to keep my agedness and injury possibilities in mind.

7/2 -- One mile again in the hollow,,groin support on, 14'07" pace, 170 step tempo - cautious about adding more volume. Later 5 six second tempo hill sprints on steep driveway again cautious.

7/5 -- Now in eighth week of training since returning to running and I'm finding progress and workout recovery slower than I anticipated. Still, four weeks from my 80th birthday, I can cover ground like I couldn't when I resumed. Yesterday's two-mile pace, though relatively slow, was my best so far. Easy indoor workout today. Moderate as it goes. Listen to the body.
So a workout this morning, 25 minutes in 5 minute intervals on the treadmill at 170 steps a minute cadence. Slow pace.

7/8 -- day off, old back/hip muscle injury aggravated yesterday in back of house 15-yard tempo intervals. Tomorrow's Market Street Mile race in question at the moment, though I'm registered. On 7/6 ran a moderate mile on my usual street in the hollow. Stretching and rehab exercises today, plus ibuprofen, some ice maybe. Rest.

7/11 -- Ran moderate 2.74 miles in the "holler" today concentrating on smooth foot plant and push-off as muscle strains in lower back and groin heal. Follows yesterday's resistance and form work and Saturday's Market Street Mile race, where I got a 2nd place medal in the age 70 and over class even though I finished last in the race ( I didn't overly push it because of the healing injuries.

7:12 -- 47 60 1 20 treadmill workout.

Running Toward My 80th Birthday -- 7/13 -- Rest day (reluctantly), three weeks till the birthday, now in the ninth week of training since I decided to try to road race again. Ruminating about this third time in my life I've donned running gear, probably try a four mile slog around the hollow tomorrow. Found bits of apparel from the 1980 period in upstate NY (not far from our cabin), photographed with t-shirts from three recent races I plodded through. Of course I'm not obsessed. It's slow going ... Old bod and a few new tricks (techniques).

7/14 -- Wondered at 6 a.m. whether I should take another rest day. At 8, I sucked it up and ran 2.95 miles in the hollow, with a few short hills. Parsed out to a 5K, or 3.1 miles, I knocked about 3-1/2 minutes off my Riverbend 5K race time a month ago. Improving.
Time 46'15", 15'40" pace, or a 48'35" 5K - Riverbend 5K four weeks ago 52'08", 16'47" mile pace. Improving.

7/15 -- Cross training day. Adding more of these to lessen possibility of injury from road runs due to my age and where I'm at at this stage. Got out the step machine and messed with that. Later a 32 minute springy walk indoors.
[Looking at mile-down workout for an outside run (1500 m; 1200m; 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m). ]
Did three sets of 10 front curls,underarm curls overhead presses with 10lb dumbbells, reintroduced into workout.

7/16 -- Ran along the power line trail, 2.3 miles, slower pace, trail is uneven and has grades. Careful of twisted ankle, too. Turf is easier impact, but trail tilts to left and right and is bumpy.

7/18 -- cross training day, might do strides, too. Got new racing shoes $$, with orthotic high arch insole inserts - birthday present from Ei - took these out for a mile run yesterday in the hollow. Easier impact on the road, should help performance, too. Tempted to do a road run today, but need to be more moderate because of my age and to avoid injury due to my frailty. Two mile race - Scenic City Shocker - on Saturday. Wish I was in better condition; it's going to take time.
So an inside walk stressing springiness for 26 minutes then 20 eight second frontyard strides uphill. Later dumbbell resistance upper body work interspersed with walking strides. Pretty good workout after all.

7/19 -- Felt drained, and wanted to do a volume run, but on the road it seemed wiser to let up and do an lighter mile, actually 1.13 miles, slower 14'37" pace. Thinking about the "can do" attitude and the race this Saturday and wondering if I should pass. Research suggests I should be aware of limitations, but, though my body today is saying "rest," in the longer term I'm not settled on limitations, no matter the age handicap. Wisest way, though.

7/21 -- day off yesterday, ran a moderately easy 1.12 miles this morning. Later had a noontime 20-minute cross-training workout with dumbbells, doing squats and a springy-steps walk indoors. I'm registered for a 2-mile race Saturday but will skip it for a park training run and family time. I'm registered for two 5Ks in August but likely will pass on one of those, too. Feels too ambitious with just 10 weeks into this after decades away. Need to focus on conditioning. -- Twelve days till my 80th birthday. Onward!
(three repetitions each of 10 squats; 10 dumbbell front curls, overhead presses and underarm curls; and 3 minute springy step walks - )

7/22 -- Ran two miles (2.03) on Greenway Farm trails, 14'48" pace, not too bad, but sure do need volume runs. Cautious about the long runs though, age and injury prone.

7/24 -- Light or no running workout maybe today in line with idea I need more recovery time because of my age. Yesterday's workout over 47 minutes - five treadmill 3-minute form runs interspersed with Total Gym presses, lateral curls and squats, with short walks in between. Do need to develop aerobic and strength capacity.

7/26 -- Ran 3.1 miles (5K) in our home hollow, some hill work, quality stride focus, old bod slowly getting the knack again. Pace 15'47", time 47'56". Contrast with Riverbend 5K 16'47", 52'08" in June - One week till 80th birthday. Okay.

7/28 - Morning 2.25 mile moderately pushed run in the hollow, 14'56" pace, time 33'36", goal this year to go under 14 minutes a mile up to 5K. Not close, not a gain, but... Contrast 12'59" Market St Mile. ... Yesterday walked somewhat vigorously indoors for 18 minutes.

7/29 - Could be a rest day. It was, mostly re training.

7/30 - Ran 2.2 moderately hard miles, part of it hills up toward the hollow's ridge, improved pace, aerobic feel and stride cadence. Rest day yesterday helped. Pics, me before run and the hill I started on. Three days and I'm 80.
2.2 miles, 32'02", 14'32" pace, mile splits 15'04" & 14'16"

7/31 - Cross-training on this last day of July. Nope. With Ei traveling to Orlando tonight and church with meeting after, couldn't work it in.


Running notes from my return to training after 30 years away from it ...
These are rough and have been compiled month to month, eventually taking on form.

May/June Running Toward Age 80
The raw start of logging my running as I approached age 80, beginning again after a 30 year hiatus

Training 5/20 - Wind sprints, favorite workout (intervals), moderate speed, 15 repetitions, 70 strides, on treadmill, 13 minutes running time. Satisfied. Stretching out stride..
Training 5/21 - two mile jog on the road, a little kick at the end. 43:11, slow.
Training toward 80 - 5/23 - jogged a 5k (3.2 miles), slowly, but OK I can cover the distance now doing something that looks like running

Running Footwear -- okay, jogged two miles on the road in these new friends, slow for sure, too slow, still the training continues, the wind better than the legs right now. These are Nike Air Premium running shoes, discounted $36 (must be an older model, like me). Onward ...

Crazy old critter, getting the spunk on - I decided renew the runner in me and try a road race on my 79th Memorial Day. The event, fittingly, the oldest road race in this city, the Chattanooga Chase, its one-mile event. With three weeks of training, I'm destined to finish last. But, I can jog/shuffle a mile now, right? So what if it's been three decades since I last did this. I'll dedicate the run to my upstate NY friends with Ankylosing Spondylitis who are part of Walk Your A.S. Off ... Motivation...

5/30- ran the Chattanooga Chase mile run, very slow and labored, but was granted an award
Age 70 and above
1 Wes Rehberg 79 M60OV Chattanooga, TN 16:02 16:02

6/13 - Exercise-induced hives - the reason I stopped running 30 years ago- returned on my run this morning. I carry an antihistamine with me and took it immediately, and jogged home slowly, where I took another. Now an hour later, the hives have disappeared. Back then, a sports medicine physician identified the condition and since, more research has been conducted. I once passed out, cracked my face against a boulder and was hospitalized because of the injury.
Implicated probably is the wheat toast I ate a half hour before my workout. One recommendation from a primary care physician was to take the antihistamine before I run, which I'll do. I've read the research and looked for summaries and a decent one shows up in LiveStrong.
"Experts believe that food can play a role in exercise-induced hives. According to a 2007 review published in "Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology," food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis is easily overlooked and often underdiagnosed. Wheat is the most common trigger, followed by buckwheat, pistachios, apples, oranges, corn, mushrooms and celery. Medications -- particularly aspirin -- can also influence exercise-induced hives; researchers note the drug may increase gastrointestinal absorption of food allergens. Hives resulting from exercise are generally divided into two categories: cholinergic hives, which appear as a result of body warming; and classic exercise-induced anaphylaxis."
Recommendation is to not eat up to four hours before I run. Antihistamines have always been effective, but I'm also going to find out if I might be well off to carry an epinephrine pen (self-inoculation) to avert anaphylaxis.
Onward ...

6/14 Running Toward Age 80 -- 6/14 -- tested if yesterday's hives would recur (they didn't) with resistance work and a short moderate half-mile run. Worked on stride. Okay! Avoiding wheat before running from now on, and generally.

6/15 -- up off and on overnight with a severe bronchial cough attacks, a malady Eileen had first and that still bothers her. Code Orange air quality here in Chatt doesn't help, I'll bet. No run workout today.

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