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This is the July 2016 log of Running Again At Age 80

July Running Toward Age 80 -- 7/1 -- back on the hollow's road again, tried a mile moderate run to see how the groin strain felt, didn't feel any pain, wore a neoprene support, shorter stride, quicker 170-steps-a-minute rhythm, not a great time, 14:29 pace, but best so far in this seven weeks of training. Can't push too hard though. Got to keep my agedness and injury possibilities in mind.

7/2 -- One mile again in the hollow,,groin support on, 14'07" pace, 170 step tempo - cautious about adding more volume. Later 5 six second tempo hill sprints on steep driveway again cautious.

7/5 -- Now in eighth week of training since returning to running and I'm finding progress and workout recovery slower than I anticipated. Still, four weeks from my 80th birthday, I can cover ground like I couldn't when I resumed. Yesterday's two-mile pace, though relatively slow, was my best so far. Easy indoor workout today. Moderate as it goes. Listen to the body.
So a workout this morning, 25 minutes in 5 minute intervals on the treadmill at 170 steps a minute cadence. Slow pace.

7/8 -- day off, old back/hip muscle injury aggravated yesterday in back of house 15-yard tempo intervals. Tomorrow's Market Street Mile race in question at the moment, though I'm registered. On 7/6 ran a moderate mile on my usual street in the hollow. Stretching and rehab exercises today, plus ibuprofen, some ice maybe. Rest.

7/11 -- Ran moderate 2.74 miles in the "holler" today concentrating on smooth foot plant and push-off as muscle strains in lower back and groin heal. Follows yesterday's resistance and form work and Saturday's Market Street Mile race, where I got a 2nd place medal in the age 70 and over class even though I finished last in the race ( I didn't overly push it because of the healing injuries.

7:12 -- 47 60 1 20 treadmill workout.

Running Toward My 80th Birthday -- 7/13 -- Rest day (reluctantly), three weeks till the birthday, now in the ninth week of training since I decided to try to road race again. Ruminating about this third time in my life I've donned running gear, probably try a four mile slog around the hollow tomorrow. Found bits of apparel from the 1980 period in upstate NY (not far from our cabin), photographed with t-shirts from three recent races I plodded through. Of course I'm not obsessed. It's slow going ... Old bod and a few new tricks (techniques).

7/14 -- Wondered at 6 a.m. whether I should take another rest day. At 8, I sucked it up and ran 2.95 miles in the hollow, with a few short hills. Parsed out to a 5K, or 3.1 miles, I knocked about 3-1/2 minutes off my Riverbend 5K race time a month ago. Improving.
Time 46'15", 15'40" pace, or a 48'35" 5K - Riverbend 5K four weeks ago 52'08", 16'47" mile pace. Improving.

7/15 -- Cross training day. Adding more of these to lessen possibility of injury from road runs due to my age and where I'm at at this stage. Got out the step machine and messed with that. Later a 32 minute springy walk indoors.
[Looking at mile-down workout for an outside run (1500 m; 1200m; 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m). ]
Did three sets of 10 front curls,underarm curls overhead presses with 10lb dumbbells, reintroduced into workout.

7/16 -- Ran along the power line trail, 2.3 miles, slower pace, trail is uneven and has grades. Careful of twisted ankle, too. Turf is easier impact, but trail tilts to left and right and is bumpy.

7/18 -- cross training day, might do strides, too. Got new racing shoes $$, with orthotic high arch insole inserts - birthday present from Ei - took these out for a mile run yesterday in the hollow. Easier impact on the road, should help performance, too. Tempted to do a road run today, but need to be more moderate because of my age and to avoid injury due to my frailty. Two mile race - Scenic City Shocker - on Saturday. Wish I was in better condition; it's going to take time.
So an inside walk stressing springiness for 26 minutes then 20 eight second frontyard strides uphill. Later dumbbell resistance upper body work interspersed with walking strides. Pretty good workout after all.

7/19 -- Felt drained, and wanted to do a volume run, but on the road it seemed wiser to let up and do an lighter mile, actually 1.13 miles, slower 14'37" pace. Thinking about the "can do" attitude and the race this Saturday and wondering if I should pass. Research suggests I should be aware of limitations, but, though my body today is saying "rest," in the longer term I'm not settled on limitations, no matter the age handicap. Wisest way, though.

7/21 -- day off yesterday, ran a moderately easy 1.12 miles this morning. Later had a noontime 20-minute cross-training workout with dumbbells, doing squats and a springy-steps walk indoors. I'm registered for a 2-mile race Saturday but will skip it for a park training run and family time. I'm registered for two 5Ks in August but likely will pass on one of those, too. Feels too ambitious with just 10 weeks into this after decades away. Need to focus on conditioning. -- Twelve days till my 80th birthday. Onward!
(three repetitions each of 10 squats; 10 dumbbell front curls, overhead presses and underarm curls; and 3 minute springy step walks - )

7/22 -- Ran two miles (2.03) on Greenway Farm trails, 14'48" pace, not too bad, but sure do need volume runs. Cautious about the long runs though, age and injury prone.

7/24 -- Light or no running workout maybe today in line with idea I need more recovery time because of my age. Yesterday's workout over 47 minutes - five treadmill 3-minute form runs interspersed with Total Gym presses, lateral curls and squats, with short walks in between. Do need to develop aerobic and strength capacity.

7/26 -- Ran 3.1 miles (5K) in our home hollow, some hill work, quality stride focus, old bod slowly getting the knack again. Pace 15'47", time 47'56". Contrast with Riverbend 5K 16'47", 52'08" in June - One week till 80th birthday. Okay.

7/28 - Morning 2.25 mile moderately pushed run in the hollow, 14'56" pace, time 33'36", goal this year to go under 14 minutes a mile up to 5K. Not close, not a gain, but... Contrast 12'59" Market St Mile. ... Yesterday walked somewhat vigorously indoors for 18 minutes.

7/29 - Could be a rest day. It was, mostly re training.

7/30 - Ran 2.2 moderately hard miles, part of it hills up toward the hollow's ridge, improved pace, aerobic feel and stride cadence. Rest day yesterday helped. Pics, me before run and the hill I started on. Three days and I'm 80.
2.2 miles, 32'02", 14'32" pace, mile splits 15'04" & 14'16"

7/31 - Cross-training on this last day of July. Nope. With Ei traveling to Orlando tonight and church with meeting after, couldn't work it in.

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