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Continuing my Running Again at Age 80 log since back at it after 30 year hiatus

December Running 2016

12/1- 7th month of my return to running after 30 years away #RunningAtAge80 -a few races, 2 injuries, slow coming. Intrigued. Can I ace it again? With cancer treatment loss of bone and muscle mass, don't know. But ...
Ran easy-feeling 3.05 miles at Greenway Farm park, needed location change. Fell and injured rib cage here last time. Duration 42:45. Pace 13:59, max 12:14. HR chest strap a problem again. Ordered a Scorsch Rhythm+ HR sensor to try that. The Greenway route:

4.8 miles, low, this week so far.

12/2- Been reviewing logs - systematic and early unsystematic ones - thinking maybe about a running blog. I don't know. Little interest in an 80-year-old runner's progress, starting all over again. Some kind of short run this afternoon. Day has been focused on running research. Obsession? Feels important to do all this.
Thinking bouncy longer strides take a toll on me. Thus stride smooth springy and strong. Focusing on hip rotation and thrust (mantra something like 'hip hip push push).
So, staying true to the mile (at least) a day #RWRunStreak, did 1.03 miles on treadmill, 16:17, slow cadence, working on swiveling and thrusting hips, speeding up 'mill gradually. Chi. 6.1 miles so far this week. Low.

12/3- Up at 1:30 a.m., segmented sleep persists lately, 3-1/2 hours in bed. Other things, and running. Have to approach hip action cautiously, muscle groups not so much use to the demand. Later today to figure out workout. No local races upcoming soon, except for the trail ones and one overpriced. Had thought about half marathon training for March race but unsure body can handle the long training runs right now, nor my motivation. Might stick to a top limit of 10K for racing next year. So for now: A lull? Build more foundation slowly with no races for awhile?
Thus, Easy run 2.96 miles on powerline trail, working on hip region action. Duration 47:52; pace 16:10; HR shakychest strap avg 138; cadence 152. Wanted easy run, did it. 9.06 miles this week so far. Going to be a low one. Scorche Rhythm+ HR sensor came in mail. Try that out tomorrow.

12/4- heavy rain now, 6 a.m., raining all day. Likely workout on the ancient treadmill. We need the rain. ... No run on treadmill so far, late afternoon, gloomy and rainy and cold outside. Turning into a day to take a break.

12/5- Taking time to ease off & recuperate from my 1st running season in 30 years - 6 months toward #RunningAtAge80 Some progress-Time to reflect. Got some raw speed. Need stamina, form improvement

12/6- rain and drizzle, now afternoon. Day 3 of recuperation and I'm getting antsy. Watched Ei's brief video of a segment of the last k of the 8K race I ran. Informative. Right foot splays out a bit. I'm shuffling not running. Little rearward leg thrust. Whole hip action needs work. Balance? Might pass on workout today, too, part of recuperating.
Sun breaks through overcast. Tempted to run. No, rest.

12/7- Wes, make a plan for winter. For running? Yes. Hmm. Okay, here it is ...
Winter running goals plan: 3 days outdoor runs, 2 days cross-train; maybe treadmill day -all stress form & strength building #RunningAtAge80
Adjustments permitted.
Keeping fun in mind.
-Continue research. Include art.
Read that for each day after long layoff, it takes 2 to recoup. Me, 30 years off, back 6 months: 59.75 years to go 👀 #RunningAtAge80.
-- Ran easyish 3.2 miles in hollow, 46:08 duration; 14:23 pace; 160 avg cadence; HR inaccurate. Felt good.

12/8- I like to run back and forth on this short .5-mile trail near our home, becoming a convert to trail running, even though I fell and hurt ribs on another trail. So, I've been wavering about a 6.7 mile no frills "fun" but somewhat tough trail race next week on lower Lookout Mountain, no prizes except those contributed by other participants. Last-minute decision, I guess. #RunningAtAge80
Bought trail running shoes, Saucony Peregrine 6, and tried them out on power lime trail - 2.07 miles, easyish 16.14 pace, duration 33:39, HR ??; cadence 166. I like the shoes so far. 5.27 miles thus far this week. Low low, easing up.

12/9- Cross training today, intervals. Three on treadmill .6 miles, about 10 minutes. Chest presses and lateral curls, 3 sets, on Total,Gym, to failure. Three of high kick walks, of squats, form walks, two of planks 60 seconds, with alternate leg lifts of 10 seconds each. Stretches before and after. Duration 35:04, HR avg 108 bpm. Mileage this week so far, 5.87.

12/10- Ran 2.29 miles on powerline trail, labored a bit, duration 33:25, pace 14:36, cadence 164, HR avg 155 ?? just below red zone if that's calculated correctly. Short stride, form watched, rearward leg thrust lightly attended - a change in my form. Okay. 9.6 mtwsf.

12/11- may not run or cross train today. Thinking it wise to take a rest day. Took a break.

12/12- Raining at 5:30 a.m., likely clearing by afternoon. Won't trail run with mud, something on the hollow road maybe. Still wavering about Saturday morning 6.7 mile trail race. If it was today I'd pass it up.
But did run 2.2 somewhat easy feeling miles in the hollow, ran for feel and form, 13:40 avg pace, 30:06 duration. HR ??; cadence avg 164/82. What I needed today.

12/13- up at 3:30 a.m., possible rain in forecast. Feel I need to put longer miles in workouts but cautious about overdoing it, thinking about age and sturdiness. My weekly mileage is too low for race gains. Still competitive #RunninAtAge80 and why not.
Not up to a rain run, mid afternoon now. Might just continue a rest and recuperation period. Day is becoming just that.

12/14- post-lunch, sun out now, mid40s temp, digest and run in a couple of hours, again a light one? Trail is muddy and soggy, not there. So, the hollow road, if ... or maybe the treadmill.
Decided on treadmill, easy somewhat though felt labored; 2.02 miles it indicated; 36:37 duration; HR ??; cadence avg 80/160, though I stepped it up last several minutes. Got me through a running funk. Weary of running in the hollow, nearby trail mucky. Tomorrow maybe Greenway. Miss the cabin and our NY environs even though it's cold and snowy now.
Don't feel like being the oldest runner and last finisher in this weekend's 6.7 mile trail race #RunningAtAge80 -new to trails, I'd be too cautious. Need some seasoning. Skipping it.

12/15- How do running/training communities regard those who are age 80 & above? Novelties? Contenders? People to reach? #RunningAgainAtAge80 #legitimacy #donthandicapus
With no races coming up soon, I'm going vary training approaches more spontaneously for a bit. Figure things out more leisurely. No workout, rest day.

12/16- Feels like I'm slacking off. Likely will run in the cold. Greenway Farm routes? The Chattanooga Y short indoor track? Treadmill?
Better to say: Easing isn't easy after 1st "racing" season since back running after decades #RunningAgainAtAge80 Fitness gains were slow & hard. Rejuvenation plan helps-Need to stick to it for a few weeks.
So, 2.03 miles on treadmill, easy for most part, Spotify cadence 165/170; HR sensor seems way high, trying a different arm position for sensor; duration about 38 minutes. Sped up some near end.

12/17- I love now being part of two inclusive and proactive humanitarian running communities - one where we live, with its core the Chattanooga Track Club; the other in our hometown upstate NY Binghamton area, its core the Triple Cities Runners Club. Sweet sweet and inspiring.
No workout today -- enjoying the break -- rainy, cold, tempted, but Christmas things to do.

12/18- May skip another workout. Really light week. And so I did. Low low 6.25 miles this week.

12/19- New running week, one to gradually increase mileage. Want to mark this day also as voting day for the presidential electoral college. Very disturbed about the outlook.
Also, out of bed at 2 a.m., segmented sleep becoming a norm. I'll pick up some more sleep during the day. Aim to get a decent run in as well. Good to consider running's gains these past almost 7 months since I've been back at it: (as research indicates) increased skeletal-muscular strength, growth and neurophysiological economy; improved immune system and sense of well-being; improved cognitive capability and self-discipline. Lots of pluses. #RunningAgainAtAge80 - Oh right, orneriness too.
Okay -- high HR inaccuracies with Scorsche Rhythm + research ( I got inaccuracies with a chest device and another wrist sensor, too) - due either to arm placement and/or it is picking up the running cadence- couple more tests today, also HR readings while running noted before with the Scorsche are questionable. Decided to return it and work with an outdated Polar chest strap monitor. Maybe update that.
Workout-- ran 2.0 miles on treadmill; duration 36 minutes; pace 18:00; HR avg 117 max 127 (chest strap readings more like what I'm detecting with finger-wrist checks); cadence 175. Easy start for week.

12/20- Out of bed at 3 a.m., we retired at 8:30 last night. I'm okay with it. I'll nap. Want to run outside today, maybe on the Greenway Farm paths. See how I goes.
Long interview again for longevity study on Medicare use but got a run on at Greenway Farm paths -- 3.13 miles; duration 44:35; HR avg 140 max 193??; pace 14:14 max 11:56; cadence avg 168 max 198. Labored for the legs, not for the wind.

12/21- First day of winter, temp 27f in Chattanooga at 4:30 a.m., might get up to 50. Want to do a run today but will see how it goes.
Slept 2-1/2 more hours, still sleepy this afternoon after out and about. Body talk. May not run. And didn't.

12/22- Another segmented sleep night, to bed at 9 pm, up at 2 am, now 3. After the second segment, plan to run, maybe do art, be useful. Napped. Then ... Against angst and resistance and internal whining, I ran easily for 3.2 miles; duration 48:43; pace 15:14; cadence 170; HR ?? On our hollow's roads and inclines. 8.33 miles this week so far. Gradual rise.

12/23- up early again, busy morning with Ei, nap on tap, run questionable. Feeling drained, a cold? Age? Still need recuperating? No run today. Want to, though.

12/24- Christmas eve and first candle on a Menorah.
Been getting vertigo last couple of days. Normally I take a low dose of prescribed lisinopril for borderline high blood pressure, but three readings now 125/65 HR 57, so wondering whether there's a link between my running conditioning , the normal reading without the medication, and the medication and vertigo. Supposed to rain, temps up into the 60s, may or may not run. Didn't. Napped. Christmas Eve service. Hearty meal.

12/25- Christmas-- with Ei--special day!
Tuning in to RE: running economy. Ran 2 21 miles, moderate to easy, with short fartleks. Duration 28:33. Pace 12:56, max 10:24. HR avg 121 bpm. Cadence avg 170. Short but decent.
First goal for new year - break 40 min in 5K. And break 10 min for mile. Mileage for week: 10.54. Gradually stepping it up for likely first 2017 5K on 3/4, Erlanger 150 5K.

12/26- warm day, rain in forecast. Eight hours sleep, nice, drowsy. Run? Want to. See how it goes. Or a mix of treadmill and strength work.
Ran easy on moist powerline trail, 33:56 duration; distance 2.11 miles; pace 16:03; HR avg 124; cadence 160. Touch of hives, big wheat roll at lunch. Knew it could happen. Limits.

12/27- A big difficulty with #RunningAgainAtAge80 is figuring how to gauge and space different training regimens and recovery, or training economy. I have to extrapolate and test sports science research and coaching guides aimed at younger runners, plus discern where I'm at, back at it again after decades.
So, decided to let the road guide me. Ran an easy 4.12 miles in the hollow, couple of decent inclines near the end. Pretty much a heel-striker, like Meb Keflezighi the Olympian and ancient wonder Ed Whitlock. Good company. Duration 1:00:53. Pace 14:47. HR avg 135, most at 124. Cadence 164.

12/28- up at 4:22 a.m. Six hours sleeping or resting. Thinking I want increase weekly distances running to 20 miles. That would have to include longer runs of 6 miles or more. Or an average of 4 if I ran five days a week. Maybe I'm ready for it. So far 6.23 miles this week.
Napped. Not sure if I should run 4 days in a row. I want to push it, but need to be cautious about recovery. Age 80 reminder. Maybe a little body weight strength work. Need breaks running roads and trails. And, definitely, the strength work. But not today, body says. Take a break. Listen to the body.

12/29- checking BP with/without Lisinopril, yesterday and today. Without-131/66; with 121/65 - HR 58. Better to use the Lisinopril, even though I think it might be linked to some vertigo I've been experiencing. Systolic at low end of HBP; diastolic fine.
Do want to run some today, likely a slower one.
So, ran 2.22 moderately easy miles, focusing on form, particularly stride and body position. Duration 29:01. Pace 13:03, max 10:30. Cadence 166. HR with spikes and dropouts about 130. Felt good, eased worries about hives and overtraining. 8.45 miles twsf....M-Su

12/30- high 30s to low 40s temps today. Coolest for running for me yet. Got gear to weather it. Used to run in snow and ice up north. Some type of run today.
Ran 3.39 moderately easy miles in the hollow, HR 122; Duration 49:36; pace 14:39; cadence 164 - focus on form. Finally, an HR consistent readout without dropouts and spikes

Msftw 11.84.

12/31- New Year's Eve -- opted for a light and easy treadmill run, about a 5% slope. Duration 38:48; pace 18:00; HR avg 116; 2.3 miles. Week's mileage 14.14. That's it for 2016, the part I ran.

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