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Running notes from my return to training after 30 years away from it ...
These are rough and have been compiled month to month, eventually taking on form.

May/June Running Toward Age 80
The raw start of logging my running as I approached age 80, beginning again after a 30 year hiatus

Training 5/20 - Wind sprints, favorite workout (intervals), moderate speed, 15 repetitions, 70 strides, on treadmill, 13 minutes running time. Satisfied. Stretching out stride..
Training 5/21 - two mile jog on the road, a little kick at the end. 43:11, slow.
Training toward 80 - 5/23 - jogged a 5k (3.2 miles), slowly, but OK I can cover the distance now doing something that looks like running

Running Footwear -- okay, jogged two miles on the road in these new friends, slow for sure, too slow, still the training continues, the wind better than the legs right now. These are Nike Air Premium running shoes, discounted $36 (must be an older model, like me). Onward ...

Crazy old critter, getting the spunk on - I decided renew the runner in me and try a road race on my 79th Memorial Day. The event, fittingly, the oldest road race in this city, the Chattanooga Chase, its one-mile event. With three weeks of training, I'm destined to finish last. But, I can jog/shuffle a mile now, right? So what if it's been three decades since I last did this. I'll dedicate the run to my upstate NY friends with Ankylosing Spondylitis who are part of Walk Your A.S. Off ... Motivation...

5/30- ran the Chattanooga Chase mile run, very slow and labored, but was granted an award
Age 70 and above
1 Wes Rehberg 79 M60OV Chattanooga, TN 16:02 16:02

6/13 - Exercise-induced hives - the reason I stopped running 30 years ago- returned on my run this morning. I carry an antihistamine with me and took it immediately, and jogged home slowly, where I took another. Now an hour later, the hives have disappeared. Back then, a sports medicine physician identified the condition and since, more research has been conducted. I once passed out, cracked my face against a boulder and was hospitalized because of the injury.
Implicated probably is the wheat toast I ate a half hour before my workout. One recommendation from a primary care physician was to take the antihistamine before I run, which I'll do. I've read the research and looked for summaries and a decent one shows up in LiveStrong.
"Experts believe that food can play a role in exercise-induced hives. According to a 2007 review published in "Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology," food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis is easily overlooked and often underdiagnosed. Wheat is the most common trigger, followed by buckwheat, pistachios, apples, oranges, corn, mushrooms and celery. Medications -- particularly aspirin -- can also influence exercise-induced hives; researchers note the drug may increase gastrointestinal absorption of food allergens. Hives resulting from exercise are generally divided into two categories: cholinergic hives, which appear as a result of body warming; and classic exercise-induced anaphylaxis."
Recommendation is to not eat up to four hours before I run. Antihistamines have always been effective, but I'm also going to find out if I might be well off to carry an epinephrine pen (self-inoculation) to avert anaphylaxis.
Onward ...

6/14 Running Toward Age 80 -- 6/14 -- tested if yesterday's hives would recur (they didn't) with resistance work and a short moderate half-mile run. Worked on stride. Okay! Avoiding wheat before running from now on, and generally.

6/15 -- up off and on overnight with a severe bronchial cough attacks, a malady Eileen had first and that still bothers her. Code Orange air quality here in Chatt doesn't help, I'll bet. No run workout today.

Next, July 2016

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