Thursday, January 26, 2017


Running again has re-deepened my fascination with *science*, from exercise physiology courses I once undertook, thru sports medicine research that associated my exercise-induced hives with wheat, to research that helps keep my cancer in remission and the notion I have that an improved immune system aids this.
Runners check the weather, of course, climate science. Many follow orthopedic, kinesiological and biological information related to technique, what to wear, and to injury. And they know about VO2 max, the two main muscle types-fast twitch and slow twitch, heart-rate zones, and the relationship between diet, rest and muscle fiber development. It goes on.
From the cosmos back to the cell's mitochondria, it's about science, even though some of it is contingent. From just this, though, I'm baffled by science deniers. Utterly baffled ...

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