Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Protest thought- I protested the Vietnam war 1965-1973, draft board sit-in, arrest at the Chicago DNC (clubbed, maced, tear-gassed blind), DC & NYC marches; then the Gulf & Iraq wars, on local streets, in DC, with videos, in local congressional actions including a sit-in, and against the use of depleted uranium weapons, again arrested- and on and off for human rights, civil rights and the environment.
My question to myself now at age 80 is about their effectiveness. My answer, contingently yes to civil rights struggles in the US regarding women, child labor and African-Americans, no to the human rights and war protest activity I was engaged in, not yet re the environment. Or so it seems with these.
Still, I'm never without hope. Especially after the monumental outpouring of women last weekend. It embraces many causes.
Yet. What is it about war?

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