Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Reflecting, I've been influenced in my running goals by others I know, how I matter in a club context, and as well in a competitive one. Too many cooks, I think. I'm losing the joy in the feel of it. Help helps, for sure. But ultimately only I see the star that guides. Plus how my age may limit me. Okay. 

Working now to boost running cadence from 165 steps per minute to widely recommended 180 spm. Ran slow 3.28 miles in hollow at that cadence, hard to do now, yet did it. Happy underused fast-twitch muscles. Other metrics: 46:05;14:03;124;.64;187^. 
Also, I like how this four-day a week running plan sounds: Speed, tempo, long run, easy, with "feel" the measure. More about quality than volume training. I'd gear it to the next upcoming race, the Scenic City Scorcher 2-miler, with others I might do in mind. 

So, cadence boost and quality runs, limited to four days a week. I can test this. #RunningAgainAtAge80 

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