Friday, May 17, 2013


I am feeling so much freedom reading Adrienne Rich this time. What a stimulus to loving language (and thus to write).

Excerpt 1:

“... when fear vacuums out the streets
When the whole town flinches
blood on the undersole thickening to glass
Whoever crosses hunched knees bent
in a contested zone
knows why she does this suicidal thing …”
- Adrienne Rich, from the poem of the same name in “The School Among the Ruins”

Excerpt 2:

"... I need the border-crossing eye of a tornado
I need an ancestor fleeing into Canada
to rampage freedom there or keep on fleeing
to keep on fleeing or invent a genre
to distemper ideology."
-- from the poem “Variations on Lines from a Canadian Poet” in  “The School Among the Ruins”

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