Thursday, August 14, 2014


Okay, now with artist materials – (on evil white spots)

Since returning in May to fine art drawing and painting, I’ve used so-called middle-grade oil pastels and a mix of professional and mid-grade acrylic paint, and researched how best to use these. With oil pastels, one pro no-no is to leave little white spots on a surface – one of these two drawings (the face) is filled with them because of the less-soft mid-grade medium I used. I decided not to fill them in, a violation, because the effect made sense to me. The second (the Mayan church), combines a softer medium Asian artists are said to use artistically well and the harder medium in the first drawing, plus a little bit of dilution with a turpentine-like product. Still, I didn’t work over some of the “evil” white spots.
I’m not sure of what to make of all this. I’m just going to let them be as is, not in defiance of “standards” but because I like them that way. I’m stuck with that.
Yet, if someone wants to donate a nice set of Sennelier or Holbein oil pastels to me, I’ll happily accept those.
The marketing game ... better to go for quality, definitely...
"Dilemma" (c) 2014 Wes Rehberg
"Tiny Mayan Catholic Church " (c) 2014 Wes Rehberg



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