Thursday, November 27, 2014


The streamlined and the rough:

I’m conscious of the streamlined design emphasis of a lot of today’s visual art and at times wonder if I should emulate it or whether it’s enough just to work on content, and on combining it with the abstract and representational. Rough those two aspects up. Muck around with these in paint and other media.

Then I look outside into the woods and see Nature’s turmoil. Engage the news and social justice and try to fathom human turmoil. All rougher hewn, even with the delicate its midst. Feel both the abstract and representational qualities this way. Appreciate what other artists have done in this realm. And let my imagination embrace this mode of seeing, thinking, feeling, and creating. It could be viewed as throwback. It could be out of vogue. But to be true to myself and its roughness, it’s the way I feel it.


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