Tuesday, April 03, 2012


     Thinking about putting together a book of fiction and nonfiction short stories and poems called "Opening the Gate" to try to launch my new effort in fiction writing and poetry and renew my nonfiction effort. The short stories are "Scooter," "The Fog," and "The Enduring." One of the nonfiction pieces is "Amanecera's Story." Two of the poems are scheduled for publication in "The Rusty Nail" electronic/print literary magazine. A curious amalgam, no doubt.
     The content may change as I work through this ... still very formative, especially the quality, but I'm learning, with help from the Chattanooga Writers Guild workshops.
     Also, I'm recirculating "Down Home With Dalton," 74-minute documentary film about Dalton Roberts, songwriter, performer, storyteller, and former Hamilton County county executive in Tennessee. This was filmed with songwriter-performers Martha Ann Brooks and Donnie Jenkins. This will be available shortly through Amazon.

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L Zide said...

All of the above are very very cool Wes.