Monday, June 25, 2012



New synopsis for my novel in progress: “Down from the Hill” -- It’s a sequel to "Stringer" in which the aged characters are appalled by the impact of a psychiatric center's downsizing which leaves mental patients on the streets without care. In their news work they face eruptions from the past and peel layers away of their own relationships, illusions, sexuality, inhibitions and their understandings of reality and transformation. These understandings are later deepened as they travel to Morocco through Spain where the male protagonist would meet his son for the first time. And they separate later, one to the Netherlands, another to Chiapas in southern Mexico, and the third to recover from injuries in upstate NY. And thus to the end ...

One thing I'm doing in "Stringer" and "Hill" and the novel that may follow is challenging the ridiculous stereotypes about people my age and the way some aged people let themselves be defined by them -- so very absurd ... Many of us are as intricately intense, physical, creatively thoughtful and innovative, and as emotionally keen as people of any age.

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