Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Brief synopses of the five short stories in my new book “Opening the Gate” are available below. Kindly check them out:
The Enduring”: Two shotgun-bearing elderly sisters who have been forced to look after a disabled but violent teen nephew in their rural home encounter two significant visitors, an ex-convict who worked in forest lumber operations and another who has a plan for their property but runs into trouble.
“The Fog”: A 17-year-old New York City street kid reflects on encounters he had when he was 14, living in a three-room flat with grandparents, his mother and brother, his failure in school, his independence, and a new beginning.
“Scooter”: A scooter-driving drug user moves in with a dying elderly woman alcoholic after a meth house fire, much to the consternation of suburban neighbors.
“Tina’s Nicaragua Story”: A nonfiction recounting of a meeting in northern Nicaragua with a woman whose husband and daughter were killed when contras crossed the nearby border with Honduras and attacked her community.
“Jail Birds”: Offered in the first-person, a narrative told by a clergyman who reluctantly counseled murderers in a county jail and maximum security setting and had trouble in a divided church after a visit to Palestine.
Its web page is here: http://www.wildclearing.com/gate.html 

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