Tuesday, January 01, 2013


I need to reweave the novel "Displaced" back into the writing mix, to at least outline the thematic character lines. I miss working with the characters, their interactions, their perceptions, understandings, conflicts, actions, exchanges, musings. I think it will leaven the nonfiction "Cancer Hole" and the children's book I'm tracing out, "The Vacant Building." Also in there is the short story "Elrod and Raphool." A little here, a little there, as long as it feels productive and not too distracting, though I can focus for a somewhat extended period while writing.
Though I don't feel knowledgable about poetry, three poems have been published, so I might try to write that way still, also for leavening, not necessarily to try to publish. It helps nuance, atmosphere, ambience. The outlining approach is a switch: I had let characters show the way in the fictional short stories and the "Tilt" trilogy.
In "Cancer Hole," the approach is yet different. I'm putting down vignettes, investigative bits and anecdotes - Thens and Nows and Reflections - and will likely edit and assemble and reassemble them. The narrative line is my two prostate cancer episodes, the one that ended in 2004 and the current one. This is piecemeal but it's how I set out at first and right now seems the better way.
This is the approach I'm unwinding, rewinding, weaving, circling around, holding up to the light this coming year. Snow in the woods and fields outside, late dusk. Dogs barking at the unseen. Eileen writing and painting in the other cabin room.

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By Mike Havenar said...

Elrod is a name I use in my own fiction, based upon a guy actually named Elrod, from my own area in Louisiana, with whom I won my first fight in Boot Camp at Parris Island.