Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Writing Using Cloud Experiment

I've been changing how I write now with options expanded at little cost. This I'm writing with a Logitech keyboard hooked up via Bluetooth to an old version of the Galaxy Tab using the ColorNote app. Type is easy to read, the method is ultraportable, and I can upload drafts to Evernote or Google Drive for eventual transfer to Scrivener, the authoring program I use on a old refurbished MacBook Pro for final composition. Or I can paste the text into a Word and Pages program if I wish.
The key feature this way is portability. I can write wherever without lugging around the laptop. Plus, with Evernote and Google Drive I can skip this step and write on either of these, or edit while the draft resides there. Connected to the Cloud, there's little hassle. So, now, I'll upload this and add text in Evernote.
Okay, now I'm in Evernote where the view of the type is smaller but readable on the 7-inch screen of the Galaxy Tab. Many more lines are viewable, which helps in viewing what I wrote before. So I can actually compose a draft here as well. Now i'll copy this and create a new file in Drive to see how that works.
Back in Evernote, I discovered that writing on Google Drive in the Galaxy Tab there is laggy. I tried the same going cross-platform on the laptop with no diffiulty. But I'll now exclude Drive as an option on the Tab and use Evernote instead. I haven't tried Drop Box on this trip. Now I'll copy this and return to ColorNote, where I'll upload this experiment to Blogger.
It uploaded fine. I'll leave it here for now.

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