Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning Reflection 02/15/2013

Morning reflection 02152013
I'm going to make it a habit to write a reflection each day, like warming up before exercise, even if this is all I might write. I've decided to put filmmaking aside. The experimental work has only had a very narrow positive reception, the documentaries the same. Not enough to live on. So I've put a camcorder, tripod and large camera bags up for sale. I'll keep a smaller DVC tape camcorder which can double as a still camera. The effort and money involved in a production and the upgrading needed as the technology improves makes creating this way prohibitive, too.
Still photography is an interest, a love actually, I'll continue to pursue that, mostly in a documentary/photojournalistic way. I'm not going to chase after expensive equipment here, either. I can use a mobile device, a small Canon consumer camera and the camcorder I'm keeping for this. I've got prints from the '60s-on that record my history with this medium as well as a slew of digitized images, most snapshots. Telling a story with style is the main aim.
Writing I go on and on about, but basically, even though here again reception is sparse, I'll keep at it. In the long cosmic run it doesn't matter given how the universe churns and how stars and planets form and die - from what we know at this time, all human enterprise will pass on when the Sun does, the planet does. So will its creative (and destructive) work. In the short run, it matters, though. Still, the ephemerality is liberating. Or I can pretend it does.

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