Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Shouldn’t I be suspicious, knowing the cancer medication injected into me was cited in more than a billion dollars in government fines and penalties against its pharmaceutical company for illicit and illegal marketing practices?
With this suspicion in mind as well as the great amount of complaints by others so injected, I’m visiting a holistic Atlanta, GA, area physician Monday to see whether alternative methods I’ve researched and use are effective substitutes, not just to keep the cancer in remission but to get rid of it altogether.
Keeping it in remission using the injection of the medication has required now a second-round of a two-year regimen, which I’m part way into. Keeping it in remission this way also feeds Big Pharma’s appetite for profits so high that a company can write off a billion dollars in fines and penalties as the cost of doing business. Why should it look for cures, then, with such profits?
And keeping it in remission only works for awhile. The cancer cells may eventually no longer need the bodily hormone that the medication blocks to thrive. Then one is shunted off to a medical oncologist for an even more radical and painful treatment. And more profits.
I asked my regular physician whether he knew of holistic urologists in the Chattanooga area and he said he knew of none and that one needs to go outside tradition-bound Chattanooga to find an M.D. with this approach. A woman urologist in the Atlanta area embraces a holistic approach, so I’ll see what her point of view is on Monday.

This way of addressing my malady has become a trope, but yet a healthy exercise. Getting it out, keeping a fighting attitude, working on taking charge of my own healing instead of passivity in the face of “expertise.”

Formerly mentioned:
The government agency that ultimately rendered the charges and fines : the Department of Justice. The drug: Lupron Depot, which shuts off testosterone, which itself nourishes prostate cancer cells. The pharmaceutical company: TAP, at the time, 2004. It’s gone under corporate changes since.
Reflection to be considered in book-in-progress, working title, The Cancer Hole.

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