Friday, March 01, 2013


How I formulated the project name “Wild Clearing”:
I opened to a page in my book “Political Grace: The Gift of Resistance” and found I wrote this:
“I am a resister of the oppressive and dominating political and economic order of the trilateral north, thus I call myself a resister and proclaim that. As a resister, I am insinuated to be a traitor to the dominating political and economic order, thus I am both a traitor and resister and accept that. As both traitor and resister, I am one who dwells in an uncertain space within the geographical limits of one of the prime movers of that order, the country that appropriates to itself the label that also denotes the hemisphere, ‘America,’ the United States … It is not a space I dwell in alone, others share it … The borders of this space are constituted by our capacity to articulate our resistance, and by the counter-resistance our resistance encounters.”
I then go on to call this space a “wild clearing.” the original genesis of the project name “Wild Clearing.”
Brave words in my Ph.D. dissertation of the same title and text as the book. How to keep up the energy to continue this …

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