Thursday, April 04, 2013


I’ve been ranting about nutrition and health lately, right? [I've noticed]
And I’ve got a Ph.D. in philosophy in work that basically centers on social justice, true? [Indeed, Dr. Rehberg]
And there’s a relationship between nutrition and responsible public health ethics, wouldn’t you say? [I'd better say yes]
And also with the ethics of the medical community? [Should be, certainly]
And with disease. Including cancer.[Now you've made it a personal issue, too]
And I did teach of couple of medical ethics courses, plus have some background in health and wellness education. [It's on your transcripts, wherever they are]
So therefore I should explore the ethical dimensions in this area more thoroughly and maybe even write within this realm from a social justice point of view.  [That would be the Socratic way to put it. I noticed you've spent a lot of time lately looking into this.]
Hmmm ... [Hmmm ...]

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