Monday, April 15, 2013


A group called The Seekers meets each Sunday aware of biblical contradictions and myths yet seeking meaning for faith by exploring those contradictions. They (we) also challenge the agist stereotypes. Among are two retired Hamilton County TN officials, a former professor, three who have Ph.D.s, and other smart active retirees. All have inquisitive and dynamic sensibilities, are technologically capable and have strong social-justice conscientiousness.
The intriguing question for me involves what brings us together in the basement of a small Chattanooga United Methodist church. The persistence of one woman might offer an answer, and except for me, I’m not indicating who any of us are. Social-conscientiousness might be another. So might the Big Question, what is the divine, how is it manifest, why does the sense of it persist, and what does one do with that? Another is the question of what the church is supposed to be. And finally, why us, at this time, this place? That last question is the most intriguing to me.
(So I’m up at this early hour pondering the meaning of that, thus the purpose and intention.)

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