Sunday, August 11, 2013


Chrome Drive Limitation for Long Documents?
Compiled novels “Stringer,” “Turned” Loose,” “Tilt” and the incomplete “Displaced” into a Google docs file in the Chromebook - working title “Trio” - 135,000 words, itself a longer novel length -- Question is whether all this will be worth revising and reworking into one new, more compressed book. Don’t know, I’ll need to go through it. Surprised, though, that I could copy and paste all this copy together in Chrome Drive, though I won’t know how successfully until I start testing it. Chrome doesn’t have a merge application this way for documents, so it’s copy and paste.
So, the test …
Nope, not so successfully, it appears - bottom end won’t edit properly, cursor appears a line below the line I wish to edit for a reason I’m not going to take the time to explore and worry about. 
Will have to do this work on my old MacBook Pro, in Scrivener software, where the compilation was simply a smooth merge into workable parts and the entire document edits smoothly too.
Okay, new observation:

Looks like cursor drift downward toward the end of a file is a Google Docs problem in Chrome Drive with big files. I wrote “Windows in a Vacant Building” on Google Docs, 10,000 words, in separate parts, then compiled those. The cursor drifts in this, too, no matter the font size or line spacing..

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