Friday, August 23, 2013


“And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter…” - Led Zeppelin ...
Done with self-publishing books -- since I’ve had a four short stories published in literary journals this past year, i have more confidence in writing this way.
Agonizing and chancy as it is, then, submitting to publishers is the route for my young reader’s novelette “Windows in a Vacant Building,” the in-process novel “Uprooted” (based on my self-published trilogy), another one taking shape in my imagination, and a collection of short stories on the drawing board that includes those in the journals.
An overwhelming ambition … for a person who started out this way in the beginning of 2012 (at age 75). And why not? ... !
When I’ve completed “Uprooted” I’ll pull the trilogy off the market (“Stringer,” Turned Loose,” “Tilt”) to give this improved version a chance.

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