Thursday, December 13, 2012


NOW 12/13/12 CANCER TREATMENT SUSPICION (Draft for manuscript)
Each day the suspicion is similar. The hormone treatment I'm receiving via the drug Lupron for cancer is in part a scam. This is not an unreasonable thought. Research noted previously supports it [noted both in my blog and the manuscript I'm writing].
Particularly disturbing are four things: miserable side effects can become long-term effects; the drug doesn't kill prostate cancer but only puts it temporarily into remission; its drug maker has been levied penalties of almost a billion dollars by the US Department of Justice for illegal practices to foster its use by physicians; the cancer cells can thrive and spread again without the testosterone Lupron blocks to put them into remission, a point in which there is no presumed cure.
Yet another deep concern nags at me. Lupron and its alternative Zoladex are huge moneymakers for their two pharmaceutical companies. They have to be given the companies' willingness to consent to enormous DOJ penalties. Why should the companies foster remedies to kill prostate cancer when they can mindlessly profit from extended treatments to put it into remission?
Further, in the medical community, hundreds of urologists and other practitioners have been brought to court for profiting illegally in their use of the drug on patients. Physician, heal thyself, please.
And now I wonder as well what part Lupron really has played in the so-called test indication that cancer cells in me have apparently returned to a remission state. Was a radical change in diet and an increased exercise regimen a key factor?
And I also wonder why my physician insisted on continued 4-month injections with the explanation that they would keep the cancer in remission.
[To be continued] ...

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