Thursday, December 06, 2012


A draft segment ...

NOW 12/6/12
Early morning, age, stiffness and left hip pain, eyes ache, sinus. Thinking about posture, the day ahead, writing, internet research, cottage cheese and flax seed meal, my coffee, one dog on the rug alongside my chair. The amplification of healing with nutrition and exercise. Big Pharma and its corrupt stake in treating symptoms rather than developing cures, its billion dollar Department of Justice penalties for illegal practices.
Eileen's off to work in the early darkness to United Way to do a 6 a.m. fund-raising campaign presentation, a bit part added to her usual role as director of data, strategic development and 211, roles that include her skill with geographic information systems. Always on overload it appears to me.
With this manuscript, prostate cancer is on my mind too. Even without it. So, the day begins.
I write across platforms, this time starting out in landscape mode in an older Galaxy Tab on the ColorNote app because it's easy to see, then pasting it into Evernote. Later, I'll open it in the Evernote app on my iPhone, copy and paste it in Simplenote, which is integrated with Scrivener, the authoring software on my old MacBook Pro, where this ends up.
I could write it right on the laptop, and do, but I like the feel and slow pace of doing it this way, the Tab in my hands, my thumbs moving across the Thumbs 4 split internal keypad, the Tab resting on a crossed leg. I'm always intrigued by the next best thing in devices, but money is a genuine concern. Modus operandi.
My relationship this way? It's complicated. 
Okay. Dogs out to the yard, back inside, then exercise.
I'm avoiding scouring around to do critical research.
I have no idea whether any of this is interesting.

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