Friday, December 07, 2012


Draft beginning of a new chapter for "Cancer Hole" -- Sifting the Shadows

Sifting …
I do not like waking up each morning knowing that cancer cells are still in me that have shown they're capable of warding off the current treatment I'm undergoing. Even though the pharmaceutical poison, excuse me, the "remedy" injected into my body, has seemed to reverse their aggression, appearing to put the cancer cells back into remission again.
I do not like waking up each morning knowing that huge profits and illegal practices have been associated with the stuff injected into me at my urologist's office — at a billed cost of almost $3,000 a 4-month shot I should add, for which I shell out a $208 copay. Not to suggest that my urologist is implicated in these practices. The stuff, medically considered to be hormone therapy, is called Lupron. It is designed to shut down testosterone production. Call it “chemical castration.” As mentioned, prostate cancer cells will feed on testosterone.
I do not like knowing, too, that at some point this type treatment could fail, that the cancer cells can become resistant to the hormone therapy and then have their way with me. Technically, the cells become “hormone refractory.” They can grow and spread without testosterone and other androgens. 
What if some of the hundreds of millions in illicit profits mentioned previously had been aimed at cures — is that a legitimate question? Why not kill prostate cancer cells instead of offering “hormone therapy” by testosterone interrupters like Lupron and its competitor Zoladex that allow the cells to still inhabit me? Some natural ingredients like sulphoraphane in broccoli and carvacrol in oregano are undergoing a little bit of research this way.
That's just my personal body. There's the Earth's body and the worldwide human body as well, and the profoundly enormous amount of illicit profits reaped at their expense. 
[Draft interrupted at his point…]

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